Set Name: Masters 25 Number of Cards: 249 Release Date: March 16, 2018 Languages Available: English, Chinese Simplified, Japanese

Set Information

25 Years of Magic History in One Expansion: Masters 25

Masters 25 hit shelves on March 16th, 2018 and brought with it the most influential pieces of Magic's storied history. From the mainstays of the boon cycle like Dark Ritual and Giant Growth to more recent powerhouses like Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Masters 25 brings together disparate parts of Magic's extensive history into one exciting expansion. Masters 25 can be bought in 24 pack booster boxes, 15 card booster packs, and 3-booster draft packs. One booster pack has a manufacturer standard retail price of $9.99 (est. 8.18 €).

Masters expansions are always exciting, usually providing many older, more expensive cards fresh for newer players, helping to control prices and making expensive formats more accessible They also provide a rather unique drafting experience, allowing players to draft some of Magic's most powerful cards to create unique, powerful draft archetypes. Lastly, these expansions provide an opportunity for Wizards to reimagine some of their older cards with new art and flavor text. Masters 25 is no exception, so let's dig in and look at some of the biggest cards and biggest changes coming in the latest Masters expansion.

Jace, the Mind Sculptor Isn't the Only Brainstorm in this Expansion

Several cards in each Master sets are reimagined to bring the art more in line with current Magic cards. In Masters 25, sideboard staples like Blue Elemental Blast and Red Elemental Blast were reimagined with new artwork, as they have not had a printing since 4th Edition. Brainstorm also saw a reprint with art that first debuted on MTGO but is finally making its way into paper magic. Flash also received an art update, given its last printing was in 6th Edition. Flash will, as one might expect, be joined by its perennial partner in crime, Protean Hulk. Lastly, Rishadan Port received a major reprint with its Judge Promo art, significantly affecting the Legacy staple's price, as it hasn't had a tournament legal (non-judge promo) reprint since its original printing in Mercadian Masques.

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben is also getting a reprint, with its iconic original art. Chalice of the Void joins Thalia for a reprint, which is welcome as Chalice is both a Legacy and Modern mainstay and has always been pricey for newer players. Finally, Ensnaring Bridge is also seeing a reprint, which it hasn’t had since 8th Edition. These are just some of the cards available in this set, which is proving a treasure trove of old, powerful, and format-defining cards for new and old players alike.

A Compelling Draft Format with Powerful Archetypes

Obviously, its impossible to know for sure which archetypes will rise to the top of Masters 25 drafts, but speculation is interesting and there are some reprints that suggest unique and powerful draft archetypes. Obviously, with both Flash and Protean Hulk at rare, Flash Hulk is an achievable synergy if you manage to get lucky in your picks, but there are some more easily obtainable draft archetypes that you might be interested in. Living Death, Undead Gladiator, Zombify, and Sundering Titan suggests a potential reanimator theme, which is uncommon for drafting and could prove an interesting and powerful strategy in Masters 25. Eidolon of the Great Revel, Lightning Bolt, Goblin War Drums, and Ball Lightning suggests an old-school, powerful burn archetype, which would be quite interesting and competitive if draftable. Whatever synergies your interested in, Masters sets have consistently proven that they make for interesting drafts and Masters 25 looks like no exception. So, get out there and pull those Jaces while you can!

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MrDimension(02.03.2018 11:26)

I think it's a nice set. Seems like fun to draft, and we get some much needed reprints (at least for commander). One would have hoped it would have had more value in the box, but any-who i still bought one for drafting.