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MTG Modern Horizons Is a Straight-to-Modern Supplemental Set

There's a first time for everything and Modern Horizons is set to shake up the Modern format in a way never seen before. This supplemental set contains reprints of cards that have never been in the Modern format, as well as completely brand-new cards. Unlike traditional supplemental sets, however, Modern Horizons introduces these cards directly into Modern and bypasses Standard.

Plague Engineer
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What's More Effective Than 10,000 Blades?

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Introducing Plague EngineerModern’s more powerful version of Engineered Plague. Costing the same two black mana, both cards let you choose a creature type to give -1/-1 to a permanent. But this time, it only applies to your opponent’s creatures and comes with a 2/2 deathtouch creature.

If you've ever had problems with Elves or Humans in the Modern metagame, Plague Engineer is the perfect answer. Get rid of all your opponent's Noble Hierarchs or Heritage Druids, while also shrinking their other creatures! You can even maindeck this Carrier creature in Collected Company decks for additional power against Infect, Hardened Scales, or the mirror.

Remember: It only affects your opponent’s creatures.

Other Spoilers and Exciting Speculation

The two other spoiled cards for Modern Horizons hint that the set will be making a call-back to Magic's vast history, both in lore and cards. Serra the Benevolent is the first time that the iconic Angel (now also a planeswalker) will be getting her very own card. She can come down and immediately create a 4/4 Angel token or threaten to ultimate on the next turn and create a Worship emblem. Serra could potentially fit into a white-based token deck. Cabal Therapist is an homage to the Legacy staple Cabal Therapy, a card that has been extensively discussed and played. A black one-mana 1/1 creature is a big departure from Cabal Therapy and hitting the card off a Collected Company could give a unique type of disruption to creature-based strategies.

The rumor mill is abuzz with which non-Modern legal cards could be brought into Modern – all-time favorites Wasteland and Force of Will are on the shortlist of cards that players are hoping to see printed. A new-to-Modern card will also be in the set's Buy-a-Box promo and there's speculation that Counterspell could be it. These potential inclusions could bring about the return Delver of Secrets in Modern and they could spell the demise of big-mana decks, such as Tron. In any case, the Modern community is in anticipation as the hype continues to build for the new set that could inject archetype-changing cards into the format.

Finally, in line with previous Masters-style supplemental sets, Modern Horizons is a Draft-able format. According to Mark Rosewater, the set is be particularly complex - with the number of mechanics in the double digits - and is a "love letter to the Time Spiral block."

Modern Pricing and Its Availability over the Horizon

Modern Horizons releases on 14 June 2019. The set contains 254 cards and also comes as a Buy-a-Box promo.