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The Horizon Is Back in Modern Horizons 2

The horizons will widen once more on June 11th! The second set in the unique Standard-and-Pioneer-skipping series, Modern Horizons 2, is going to add more new cards that will only be legal to play in Modern and upward – which of course includes all the Eternal formats, namely Legacy, Vintage, Pauper and Commander.

Just like with its straight-to-Modern predecessor, released two years ago in June 2019, Modern Horizons 2 will feature cards flavorfully set all across the Multiverse, with an emphasis on the experimental side, which makes it a true spiritual heir of fan-favorite Time Spiral block, with its wide-ranging assortment of returning mechanics and throwbacks from the whole history of the game. On top of that, high-value reprints, like the fetch lands, are to be expected. The set will also come in Set Boosters and Collector Boosters, and will feature cards with a special showcase treatment. One new card from Modern Horizons 2 was already spoiled within the Mystical Archive subset that accompanied the release of Strixhaven: School of Mages; it’s the powerful green digger Abundant Harvest.

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