Set Name: Modern Masters 2017 Number of Cards: 249 Release Date: March 17, 2017 Official Codes: MM3, #MTGMM3 Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese Simplified

Set Information

Modern Masters 2017 is the booster-based "Masters" compilation for the spring of 2017. The set contains 249 different cards, carefully selected to create a unique and enjoyable Booster draft experience for experienced players, who would like to take a colorful trip down memory lane with many of the well-known and beloved cards from the last 14 years of Magic's history.

This set is already the third installment of the Modern Masters series, but it clearly shows a new approach from Wizards of the Coast in regard to reprints. By selecting some of the most famous and coveted cards of the modern Magic history for re-publication, they have dropped their former reservations. Therefore, the list of included cards reads a lot more like a list of the most-played Modern cards! In contrast to Modern Masters 2015, the focus lies not only on the Mythic Rares, but it includes a higher proportion of tournament level Modern cards on all rarity levels instead. It also contains some cards that are popular in Legacy and Commander (EDH) format, but these are a clear exception to the rule. Since the announcement of this series, two cards have been expected as the flagship cards of the series: Liliana of the Veil and Snapcaster Mage, both of which have been format-defining cards of Modern, since they were first printed. It would have been quite futile, however, to try to guess all the other cards that were chosen for a reprint besides these two. As a special surprise, the set also includes the enemy fetchlands, which most players would have expected in a future Standard set instead. These lands are an essential part of almost all decks in Modern, Legacy, Vintage and Commander. This is why many players are very keen to finally get their first copy, or even whole playsets of these cards into their hands. This also applies to cards such as Blood Moon, Linvala, Keeper of Silence, Damnation, Craterhoof Behemoth, Voice of Resurgence, Goblin Guide, Griselbrand and many other Modern classics in MM3.

There are a lot of great cards reprinted at lower rarities as well which are staples in tournament formats, like Path to Exile, Inquisition of Kozilek, Might of Old Krosa, Terminate, Lingering Souls, and many others. Some of the cards in the set have received a new artwork as well! MM3 has been announced to be released in only three different languages: English, Japanese, and Chinese Simplified. This means that nearly all the product listed on MKM will be in English, and Japanese Foils of the most desired cards will probably sell at a premium.

Booster packs (inside of displays inside of cases) will be the only form of distribution for this set. Each booster contains 16 cards, one of which is a token or marketing card, while the other 15 are the actual playable cards. Upon opening you will find 10 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 (mythic) rare and 1 foil card, which can be of any rarity. Given that it is a product aimed at long-term and expert players, it is not surprising that the set does not come with basic lands like a regular Standard legal set.

Keep in mind that the product has a much higher MSRP than regular sets, and that displays contain 24 packs instead of 36. This puts a display at the perfect size for drafting, which should be your preferred way of opening these packs anyway - to maximize your enjoyment. You may or may not remember drafting all of these cards over the years in the past, but you definitely never had to determine their playability against each other before. Modern Masters 2017 is not only a bunch of powerful cards from the past though. As we are used to from recent sets, every color pair supports a specific draft archetype from the past, like Blink, Instant, Unearth, Tokens and Populate.

A lot of cards have received a new artwork, most of which are capturing the essence of the old art perfectly while providing a fresh perspective at the same time. All of these traits make Modern Masters 2017 a great product for Modern veterans, but especially for new players looking to finally get into the format. Due to the extremely high density of tournament caliber cards MM3 provides beginners with the most important cards for their first decks, but also with lots of valuable trading material. In general, the prices for Modern cards should drop due to this massive reprint, making the format more accessible overall.

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