Set Name: Planechase Anthology Release Date: November 25, 2016 Languages: English

Set Information

Planechase is an official Magic game variant, created for extra exciting games of multiplayer Magic. In addition to their normal decks each player brings a planar deck to the table as well. These cards are used to symbolize players chasing each other across various planes of the multiverse, and each of them massively changes the way the game is played in a unique way while the planeswalking players reside on that specific world. Players can chose to spend their mana trying to trigger a plane-specific event or to planeswalk away to another world by paying incremental amounts of mana to repeatedly roll the planar die. Planechase Anthology bundles all the previous Planechase products together in one large package. This package will contain the four Planechase 2012 theme decks Chaos Reigns, Night of the Ninja, Primordial Hunger, and Savage Auras (including 8 rares each) in corresponding slide deck boxes. There will also be all 86 oversized Planar cards in existence in an oversized slide deck box, alongside 35 double-faced tokens, four spindown life counters, a special edition planar die and a strategy insert.

Comments (1)

metalizer(18.11.2016 23:13)

I wonder is it gonna be the same product from 2012 in previous card style or reprinted in newer style.