Set Information

The Remaining Five Guilds Pledge Their Fealty in Ravnica Allegiance

Azorious, Rakdos, Grul, Simic, and Orzhov are all coming to Standard on 25 January 2019, shocklands and all! This set will heavily feature the Gatewatch's conflict with Nicol Bolas and could potentially resolve the conflict entirely. It will also be the last guild-focused Ravnica set in this cycle. As such, all the remaining guilds will come with new or returning mechanics. There will be more split cards, more guild leaders, more guild champions, and more guild mages for each of the five new guilds. Ravnica rarely disappoints, so it's definitely a set to look forward to. Check back in early January 2019 for the full expansion breakdown, which will look at each of guilds' mechanics and key cards in Ravnica Allegiance.