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Get the Perfect Flair with Secret Lair

Have you ever wondered what Magic: The Gathering cards would look like if the imaginations of artists were completely unleashed? The Secret Lair Drop Series brings you high quality reprints of all your favorites from across the game's history. Each drop contains between three and seven cards, some of them foil and some of them tokens. All feature brand-new art, some of which forms a panorama across multiple cards when you lay them next to each other.

Visions of the Great Beyond, Kaleidoscope Kittens, and More

It's a theme party! In fact, it's a series of theme parties! Join the King of the Goblins and all of his favorite lackeys, including the Goblin Lackey, for some smashing fun. Or have some serum and enjoy visionary psychedelic art - as well as the brilliance of all new flavor texts. Indeed, "Why stop at the third eye?"

You can retrofit Standard decks from seasons past or add beauty to your latest Commander brew. Go rogue with Bitterblossom or cover the land in snow. Whether you like graveyard decks or multicolor decks, the Secret Lair Drop Series has something for everyone, and includes many cards that have never been reprinted before: for example, Goblin Bushwhacker, The Ur-Dragon, Qasali Slingers, Reaper King, Regal Caracal, and Arahbo, Roar of the World.

The series features notable artists such as Alayna Danner, Kristina Collantes, DXTR, Lauren YS, Jaime A. Zuverza, Mike Uziel, Andrea Radeck, Erica Williams, Jakob Eirich, Allison Carl, and many more. Comic book artist Justine Jones brought three five-color commanders to new life, while Dan Mumford dealt with the dead... or undead. Mumford had previously created album covers for bands such as Iron Maiden, and now he has added some heavy metal to the cornerstones of Dredge decks everywhere.

Drop by Drop

While there's been no talk of a limited print run, Wizards of the Coast announced their intent to make the cards available for a limited time only: Each drop for no more than one day, beginning on 2 December 2019. After that, the offer is gone forever. But there is more to come in 2020!