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A Not So Secret but Quite Super Superdrop

Dr. Lair's Secretorium Superdrop was yet another widely advertised and therefore not so secret Secret Lair Superdrop. As with all other Secret Lair Products, it was available for a limited time only. And being a superdrop, it can be purchased both in smaller packages containing three to six cards or in various larger bundles. The largest was the Main Event Bundle which gave you all the cards in each part of the superdrop.

While Secret Lair drops keep hitting the market with such a speed that many of them are soon forgotten, Dr. Lair's Secretorium Superdrop might stand a chance of being a release to remember. Because this was Wizards of the Coast's first big shot at selling format staples directly to Magic players around the world.

Shock Lands, Shocking Lands and Some Other Stuff

With Culture Shocks: Bant (and ditto Grixis, Esper, Jund, and Naya), the company for the first time in its nearly 30 years of selling collectible trading cards allowed players to buy just the cards they needed. At least if they play any multicolor deck in formats like Modern or Commander.

 This is no more apparent in the way the superdrop allows players to get their shock lands, with a slight caveat. The catch was that you had to buy more than four of each card due to the sets being sold in "shards". This sales model left anyone looking to just collect four of each shock land with an abundance of allied color lands such as Stomping Ground and Watery Grave while just scraping together enough of Steam Vents and Breeding Pool.

Wordiest Magic Cards Ever

Shock lands however weren't the only lands in this Secret Lair superdrop. Meme lovers were also catered for with some very special basic lands. Blinging out decks with special Mountains, Plains, Swamps, Forests, and Islands has been a much-loved pastime for Magic players almost since Ice Age brought new illustrations to supplement the original basic lands and even more so since the first full-art lands from Unglued.

Jokes and memes about full-text lands are not new. And some artists specializing in altering cards have actually had a go at realizing the idea. But with The Full-Text Lands and The Full-Text Lands: Foil Edition Wizards brought all its marketing muscles into competition with the mom-and-pop card altering businesses. The result was slick and there's little doubt that in particular the foil versions of these wordy lands will find its niche in the market with collectors willing to pay handsomely for the copies need for their favorite deck.

Show Must Go on And Showcases Too

Also, Our Show Is On Friday, Can You Make It? dipped into the same wish for visual variety that card altering business caters to. The set delivered reprints of classics like Wrath of God, Gamble, and Preordain styled to look like concert posters. And, finally, Showcase: Strixhaven expanded the Mystical Archive with six more card including the first ever reprint of Fire Covenant.

Miss It and It's Gone Forever… Well, Not Really

While Dr. Lair's Secretorium Superdrop only was on sale for a very limited time from Wizards of the Coast, the cards will naturally be available as singles right here on Cardmarket without any time limit.

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Lordmelfice(01.08.2021 19:47)

Another product in the long line of overpriced "you get what we want you to want and you pay any price to get it". Was it secret lair #37 or #38? Or ist this already the #50 anyversary special you probably need even more than every super secret lair before? 3/10