Set Information

Secret Lair X Fortnite: What a World

The crossover arc continues with Fortnite, of all things, getting its own Secret Lair. Boomers may not be happy, but Zoomers are definitely getting their wish with classic MTG cards like Smuggler's Copter, Wrath of God, and Grim Tutor all getting makeovers into the Fortnite universe with the bright colorful archetypes that make up the location. Each Secret Lair X Fortnite comes with seven classic magic cards with brand new names and artwork (they still count as their classic MTG equivalents though, so you don't get to run four extra Wraths… sorry).

Cubes, Buses, and Shrinking Storms

When doing a Secret Lair crossover, capturing the art and feel of the source material is paramount. Fortunately, there are already a handful of MTG cards that easily translate to Fortnite. The Cube, introduced in season 5 of Fortnite, is a natural alternate art for Planar Bridge, an artifact that also creates things from the ether (or the deck, in the Bridge's case). Battle buses are sweet and the ability to drive them in your average Fortnite map is sweeter. Smuggler's Copter, the strongest vehicle in the history of the MTG, is a natural Battle Bus. Finally, what better card to represent the ever Shrinking Storm than Wrath of God.

Don't Forget to Crack the Vault after the Battle Royale!

These aren't the only reskins though. Triumph of the Hordes, a devastating win condition at your local Commander table is the perfect card to represent the Battle Royale genre that Fortnite helped popularize. What would Fortnite be without dance parties… one of the most iconic aspects of the Fortnite experience. Don't worry though, Wizard's has you covered with Dance Battle, a reprint of Dance of Many, Magic's own Dance card! And, of course, last but not least, be sure to crack your very own loot box with Crack the Vault, a reprint of Grim Tutor. Unlike some past crossovers, these aren't new cards, but most of them see play somewhere and are definitely one of the best ways to bling out any Zoomer's deck, or just the deck of anyone who likes Fortnite, of course. It's not only for Zoomers, okay!