Set Information

Reigniting Old Rivalries in Brothers' War

The relationship between siblings is never an easy subject, especially in a chaotic place like the MTG multiverse. Nicol Bolas and Ugin had a dispute that threatened life itself and Gisa and Geralf, although partners in crime for a short time, spent most of their time fighting each other.

The Brothers' War, Magic the Gathering's latest set really could only be about the quintessential and most significant of sibling conflicts in MTG – Urza and Mishra. Their conflict resulted in the creation of a calendar centered on their birthday and their mutual obsession with artifacts will surely lead to an unusually large number of trinkets available in the set, much to the delight of many Magic players. We'll have to wait and see how the conflict pans out, but it's sure to be of epic proportions, given the combatants. Be sure to check back in early November to learn more about the full set.