Set Information

There Is Life Beyond Death and Then There Is Theros Beyond Death!

On 24 January 2020, we return to Theros, the world inspired by Greek mythology that we last visited in 2014. This time, we explore the Underworld of Erebos and learn that some fallen heroes are able to escape from it. In particular, this applies to fan favorite Elspeth, Sun's Nemesis who has to take care of some unfinished business. She still needs to avenge her own death at the hands of the Sun God Heliod, and now on top of everything, she has to deal with Ashiok, Nightmare Muse.

Returning Mechanics and Recurring Motifs

In addition to the new escape ability, the set's 254 cards feature all of the olden but golden hallmarks of Theros that we've come to know and love during our previous trip. Enchantment creatures are back, and so is devotion, most prominently though not exclusively featured on old Gods and new Gods (such as Klothys, God of Destiny) alike. Indeed, enchantments are everywhere, including lots of removal spells, beneficial Auras, and typical sorcery effects in the form of enter-the-battlefield and activated abilities.

We also get new constellation cards that trigger whenever an enchantment comes into play on their controller's side. While there are no cards with the heroic keyword, creatures that benefit when they become the target of a spell again play a role too. Finally, Sagas, which first appeared in Dominaria, make their grand return in the set. They are of course the perfect fit for an environment that is all about myths and legends and histories as well as all about enchantments.

As for creature types, we can look forward to new Satyrs, new Centaurs, and new Giants. Notable reprints include Gray Merchant of Asphodel and Revoke Existence.

The Sky Above and the Nether Realm Below

While the storyline centers on the underworld, Nyx, the night sky over Theros, home to the pantheon of gods, also is a big factor once more. For the fully immersive experience, you can find it beautifully displayed on special full-art basic lands, one of them included in each booster pack. Dive in and see whether you can escape!