Set Information

A Trip to Theros's Underworld… and Back

With Theros Beyond Death we return to the world inspired by Greek mythology that we last visited in 2014. The major story arc back then focused on Theros' pantheon of scheming and vengeful deities and how they toyed with the fate of mortals. The plot involved Elspeth becoming the Sun God's champion, only to be betrayed and killed by the very same after completing her quest. This time, we explore Theros's underworld, which is unique in that some can escape from it: Elspeth in particular is slated for a triumphant return.

We also expect a return of popular mechanics from the original Theros block: all kinds of enchantment interaction and especially devotion to a color, at which Throne of Eldraine's adamant ability already hinted. Get ready for heroes, Gods, monsters, and more details becoming available in December 2019!