Set Information

Faeries are Coming to Camelot in Throne of Eldraine

Archery, the codename for the expansion after the tumultuous War of the Spark remained unnamed for much of Summer 2019, as people wondered where Wizards of the Coast would go after their big climax on Ravnica. Well, we now know the answer and it's a whole new plane!

Eldraine is a plane where Camelot meets European fairy tales. It will be headlined by a planeswalker whose home is Eldraine, so it will be a departure from the Gatewatch-focused affair that has dominated Magic: The Gathering for years. Additionally, two of the plane's visitors will be Rowan and Will Kenrith – making their first appearance in Standard! Last but not least, Faeries will make their triumphant return in this set, although we don't know (yet) exactly what form they'll be taking.

It'll be a while before we get spoilers, other than the rather unique card frame that we've seen so far, so check back in September 2019 for the full expansion breakdown, where we'll dive into how exactly these fairy tales are going to make their way into Magic card frames and more!