Set Information

The Circus is Coming to Town

The release date is in the 2nd half of 2022, and it is a so-called un-set, but Unfinity is no joking matter. Because whether you like it or not, this circus is coming to your town. That is if you happen to live in Legacy-Ville, Commander City, or one of the mansions in the gated community at Vintage Beach.

Unfinity does away with the traditional silver borders of Magic's off-beat releases and will for the first time ever (not counting the reprint of Steamflogger Boss) contain black-bordered cards printed directly into legality in eternal formats. Not all cards will be legal for organized play though since an acorn-shaped holostamp will functionally replace the silver borders of yore.

We can't wait to share more about this set and eat ourselves to one tummy ache after another on candy floss and intergalactic candied apples. Keep your eyes on this space in the 2nd half of 2022 for more news about Unfinity.