2022's Top 5 Cards for One, Two, and Three Mana


It's time to reveal the cards that hundreds of you were looking for last week—and thousands of you had been looking for throughout the year. Here are the five cards for one mana, two mana, and three mana that sold the most copies in 2022. How many of them did you get correct? Which ones did you miss?

sol ring
A Sol Ring to mark the passing of the winter solstice

We like to thank everyone who took the time to take part in our contests! Seeing so many of you take an interest really took our Christmas celebration to the level of a community event. Speaking of taking, or giving, take a look at your account balance. If you are one of our 48 lucky winners, we have given you €10 by now.

But we hope you had fun regardless. Let us know! We love to read your comments even when there aren't any prizes on the line. How easy or hard was it to guess these cards? Seeing some of them this high up on our best-seller list definitely surprised us.

Top 5 Cards for One Mana

path to exile

Path to Exile proved a pretty powerful clue. After all, this card clearly didn't end up in sixth place because of its relevance in any tournament format, having finally retired even from Modern last year. No, the 2022 people's choice awards were dominated by Commander staples.

There's no stronger card in the Commander card pool than Sol Ring, and no other card with any mana cost sold more copies. Only one other card may have been easier to guess, and that's because the Path we set you on directly leads to Swords to Plowshares.

sol ring lightning bolt

Lightning Bolt, Brainstorm, and Dark Ritual aren't as big of a deal in Commander but still represent some of the all-time finest deals in their price range. And I'm not just talking mana cost here. With one notable exception listed further down, you can get all the cards in this article for mere cents.

While there's no green card among them, the five above clearly qualify as evergreen favorites. All of them have been around since 1995, when Ice Age debuted Brainstorm, and four of them have been part of Magic since the very beginning. Why, yes, I do not expect we can rerun this contest with the same categories next year.

Top 5 Cards for Two Mana

lightning greaves

Once again, our number six, Lightning Greaves, more or less gave away two of the following cards. After all, what's the format where everyone has a legendarily important creature that they want to protect?

That's right. The format is Commander, and the most popular two-mana card for the past two years according to EDHrec has been Arcane Signet. In fact, there's been a lot of discourse this year that Signets in general may be overused, often at the expense of running sufficient lands. But this community isn't about painstakingly micromanaging mana optimization. That's also why, when you go by sales numbers, Swiftfoot Boots looks strictly better than Lightning Greaves.

arcane signet counterspell

Counterspell is everyone's favorite blue card, certainly in Commander, and even doing good interactive work in modern-day Modern. Rampant Growth and Mind Stone are some of these mana-optimization tools mentioned earlier. One could have guessed any number of similar cards in their stead, and lots of you did.

Top 5 Cards for Three Mana

kodama's reach

Finally, Kodama's Reach also served as a good hint of where the Top 5 was heading …

After all, Commander players who run one may want to run the other as well. Boasting almost twice as many different versions, the younger, hipper Cultivate probably won the popular vote on name recognition alone. These same players likely put Beast Within into these same decks and Chaos Warp into their red designs. One would hope Cultivate and Reach teach a valuable lesson about what makes for good mana acceleration on three mana, but evidently they didn't. Commander's Sphere making the best-seller list supplies a solid counterargument to the supposed wisdom crowds.

cultivate fable of the mirror-breaker

The biggest outlier in all of this is the fabled Fable: the most expensive and the only 2022 debut among all eighteen cards mentioned in this article. Widely considered the most powerful card in Standard, it has found several homes in Pioneer and even Modern, mass appeal across formats. But it started out underrated and undervalued, so it may have moved a lot of copies early and then moved a bunch of these same copies again at a higher price later. That too is Cardmarket.

And that's it for 2022. We have something more for you tomorrow, but then Insight goes on holidays too. We hope you'll enjoy yours and you'll be back in 2023. Thanks for reading!

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RealityNomad(20.12.2022 11:12)

I actually won! Thank you so much Cardmarket, this is such an amazing gift!

Thorgothron(19.12.2022 20:07)

12/15 and no win. For one mana cards 5/5! Little disappointing :(

MagicCardChris(19.12.2022 18:54)

10/15 no win but a great contest nonetheless

Kristallini(19.12.2022 15:25)

10/15, no win, but still a fun challenge. This year we had some crazy newcomers noone had on their radar and then rised up in price to insane heights with Fable, Ledger Shredder and recently Brotherhoods End, it never gets boring with you CM, Merry Christmas ^-^

Fuavarra1887(19.12.2022 14:42)

7/15 and won! Thanks :)

Tangeek(19.12.2022 14:01)

I couldn't believe it, but I won ! Thank you so much Cardmarket !

Lanouille(19.12.2022 13:59)(Edited: 19.12.2022 14:32)

Got 9/15. Thanks for the contest. Didn´t win though, but it was fun.