Aether Revolt B&R Announcement Incoming

A new set always brings the potential for change in multiple ways.

A new set always brings the potential for change in multiple ways. Today there will be the announcement regarding changes to the Banned and Restricted Lists for all formats. After a diverse Legacy Top8 at GP Louisville, I don't expect any changes in that format.

There have been a few Modern cards players have been wishing for to be added to the banned list, for example Become Immense, one of the last not banned yet but “broken” delve cards, which has kept spreading into various aggressive decks. I don't think there will be any changes to Modern either. The current sets have more than enough interesting cards to shake up Modern without banning or unbanning cards.

Fatal Push alone changes basically everything about the format, as black receives a 1-mana removal spell that will very often be just as effective as Lightning Bolt and Path to Exile. Deck that were splashing red or white mostly for these effective removal spells may be rebuild from scratch now. It also helps black decks to better deal with Infect, Suicide Zoo and other aggressive decks. I already talked about two other Modern interactions I expect to shake up the environment, so why would Wizards need to take more action?

To me the most likely change would be to preemptively ban the new 2-card combo in Standard with Saheeli Rai if they really just missed that during development. If they knew about it, tested it, and found it to be acceptable, then they obviously won't take any action in that regard now either.

We will know very soon. I will post a response article if there are any changes worth responding to.

Do you expect anything to happen?


Anomen(2017-01-09 19:44)

Fatal push, price 3-3.5 euro? That should drop soon to (max) 2 E, right?

DavidDragneel(2017-01-09 19:36)

i expect no changes
but hey maybe they ban become immense wouldn't be bothered by it (even though i do not think infect is op atm)

Casul81(2017-01-09 19:06)

When it comes to Modern, I don't expect any changes to the banlist. The format is very diverse, and apart from certain players expressing their frustration towards losing to certain cards, which is not a valid reason to ban a card, there is no dominant deck right now. If anything, it seems to be the most diverse eternal format. The closest one would be dredge but it is far from dominating, and a tremendous amount of hate exists against it. The only thing I see potentially happening (and maybe there's a bit of wishful thinking here) is that they try and curb the dominance of linear aggro decks by favouring interaction more through better card filtering. Maybe an unbanning of Preordain is not too risky or crazy as the combo decks mainly behind its original banning (if my understanding is correct) have seen other cards they rely on banned as well. On the other hand, WotC could have tried yet again to come up with a "fair" cantrip and introducing it via the latest set release and they didn't. After brainstorm, ponder, preordain and serum vision, maybe try the intermediate of the last two: Scry 1, draw 1 card, scry 1 :) But again, I feel my wishful thinking is getting the best of me.

P.S: The b&r announcement is on the 16th, not today as mentioned in your article, no ?

bloodball(2017-01-09 18:46)

I thought B/R anouncement would be next week. (the 16th)