Affinity remastered

What effect will Modern Masters 2015 have on Affinity prices?

Affinity – one of the most powerful and oppressive decks Standard players ever had to endure. At Pro Tour Kobe 2004 I used Affinity to beat one of my opponents, although he played turn 1 Oxidize into turn 2 Isochron Scepter imprinting Oxidize, which he activated every turn until the end of the game. Funnily enough, the deck has by now basically dropped all the cards with the “Affinity for artifacts” mechanic, which were the reason for the name of the deck once upon a time.

I will use Robbie Schmidt's list, which made it into the final of Grand Prix Vancouver.

Reprinted cards

4 Mox Opal

4 Blinkmoth Nexus

3 Etched Champion

4 Cranial Plating

4 Darksteel Citadel

1 Thoughtcast

20 of the 60 main deck cards can be acquired via MM15. That seems like an acceptable percentage at first glance. The problem is though, that we really did not need most of those reprints. Apart from the Mox those cards were not very expensive, and/or had been reprinted already at least once. Mox Opal is the only important reprint here, but as its rarity is mythic once again, there won't be a large enough cost reduction. Having to pay 130+ € for a playset of Moxes that rarely see play outside of Modern Affinity is not very beginner friendly at all. When Affinity was first introduced into Magic in 2004 it was a much cheaper deck.

Not reprinted cards

4 Arcbound Ravager

4 Signal Pest

4 Vault Skirge

3 Galvanic Blast

2 Memnite

3 Steel Overseer

1 Master of Etherium

4 Springleaf Drum

1 Welding Jar

4 Ornithopter

1 Island

4 Inkmoth Nexus

3 Glimmervoid

Too new to be reprinted

2 Ensoul Artifact

Most of the cards in the deck are very specialized and can not be used in any other archetype, which made it even more awkward to see the one affinity card that is an automatic 4-of in another archetype as well, not on the MM15 list. Inkmoth Nexus should have been in the set instead of Blinkmoth Nexus, as Inkmoth also is the backbone of the Infect deck in Modern and Legacy! With the infect mechanic unlikely to return any time soon, the poisonous flying land has nearly doubled in price over night already.

Reprinted cards (SB)

1 Etched Champion

2 Spellskite

1 Hurkyl's Recall

Not reprinted cards (SB)

2 Whipflare

2 Ancient Grudge

3 Thoughtseize

2 Spell Pierce

Too new to be reprinted (SB)

1 Wear // Tear

1 Illness in the Ranks

Here are my favourite long term picks from the deck:

Inkmoth Nexus

Normally I would suggest to stay away from a card that just spiked so hard, as such cards would usually fall back down at least a little in the next few days, but the supply is low enough that the new price can stabilize and even keep on rising from where it is now.

Due to the single printing and being used in two different tier one Modern decks (and a Legacy deck), Nexus is a good long term plan, especially if MM15 actually generates more Modern players in the long run.

Arcbound Ravager is much less exciting, but it is the defining card of the archetype and is always used as a 4-of. I would not be surprised to see it go up in price when the Modern season starts, especially if the deck is successful at GP Charlotte, but there are other Modern cards available to invest into that will give you better profit margins. Aside from that, I suggest to keep a wary eye on Mox Opal's price development, as that price is crucial for new Modern players flirting with the idea of picking up the Affinity deck.