Alumni reunion Utrecht

So what should you be doing during and after the Grand Prix, other than trying to win and having a good time?

The weekend is approaching and everyone and their mother is getting ready for the alumni reunion at Grand Prix Utrecht. So what should you be doing during and after the Grand Prix, other than trying to win and having a good time? On site you should try to trade all your unwanted Modern Masters cards for the cards you really want. Once you get home you should buy everything you are still missing from your want list, as the good cards will probably never be cheaper again than right after the Grand Prix.

So what should be on your want list? That depends a lot on your usual customer base and your current inventory, but for most vendors the demand for Modern constructed staples will be higher than for Commander staples, as those Modern cards tend to be sold in playsets.


These are the clear picks: 


Noble Hierarch

Splinter Twin

 Daybreak Coronet

 Fulminator Mage

 Leyline of Sanctity

 Etched Champion

 Cryptic Command


 Mox Opal

 Karn Liberated

 Dark Confidant

 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn

 Vendilion Clique

 Primeval Titan

 (listed in their current order of popularity on MKM).

All of these cards see play in large numbers in their respective Modern decks or sideboards, and some of them are Legacy staples as well. Stocking up on those cards when they bottom out can only result in long term gains. As all of those are likely to generate profits, you should consider how much money those cards are binding respectively, and how much those cards have dropped due to MM15, and to which new heights you expect them to rise to in the future. For example, if in four months you expect to be able to sell three different cards each for 10€ more than you pay for them now, you should obviously buy more copies of the cheapest of those three cards. You should probably stock up on all of them, because diversification is always good, and you want to have a wide range of products available for your customers, but you want to buy more of the cards with the better percentual price increase expectation.

There is always demand for Remand

Make sure to also stock up on all the common and uncommon format staples after the Grand Prix, especially if you did not open a lot of MM15 product yourself. Players would need to open a lot of packs to collect a playset of MM15 uncommons, so there will definitely be demand for those cards if a new surge of Modern players is indeed appearing on the horizon. Foil playsets of the best uncommons will be fetching premium prices in a few months, so get them while they are cheap.

The all-round carefree package

Whatever you decide to focus on from the above list, make sure you have the other cards that usually get played in the same deck in stock as well. Whether in your local store or here on MKM, your customers are much more likely to buy your Mox Opals if you can also provide them with Etched Champions, Arcbound Ravagers, Steel Overseers, Glimmervoids, and the respective (un-)commons as well. As I pointed out during the last two weeks, MM15 provides players with just a fraction of any given Modern deck, so having the missing puzzle pieces in stock for the aspiring Modern freshmen is of vital importance. Acquiring those cards should be a reasonably high priority for you as well while trading at the Grand Prix.