Amazing 2-Drops

What costs two and is amazing?

While the world championship could not provide a lot of new tech besides U/B Control, it certainly found us a worthy champion! When the tournament started various other players already called William Jensen “the best prepared player” for this event and the “best Ixalan drafter”. Edges usually are tiny at this level of competition and everybody is hungry for the title, but Jensen proved that they really had a point by not losing at all on day one, and continuing this streak towards an absurd 12-0 divided evenly between Draft and Standard. He lost his last two Standard rounds though, and he had to face exactly these two players and decks again in the Top 4! But this time he was able to win those match-ups and take down the whole event. It was great to see Jensen's 20 years of immense dedication to the game get rewarded with the largest trophy, as we all know that isn't always the case in Magic or life.

Is it old gold, or just copper?

Last week I wrote about cards which were gaining value after a really long time. At that time I already knew of another example of an old card which had seen an absurd spike, but there was no need to hurry as prices had already gone through the roof and the article was pretty long already. In case you are interested in the Old School format, you probably know what I am talking about:

Copper Tablet

If you didn't play Magic approximately 23 years ago, you probably never saw this card until 30 seconds ago. It was printed as an uncommon only in the first base set of the game (Alpha/Beta/Unlimited). It was part of the subset of cards which were discontinued/replaced for Revised Edition. Everybody knows about the famously broken cards which were left out of Revised, but there were other reasons for discontinuing cards as well. Some were too confusing walls of text for players at that time, like Camouflage, Illusionary Mask, Word of Command or Raging River. Other cards were removed from the set because they had proven under-powered or at least unexciting for the player base so far, like Ironclaw Orcs, and Dwarven Demolition Team. I think it should be clear into which category Copper Tablet belongs.

So why was this horrible card, which was completely unplayable even by 1994 standards gaining value? It has to be one of those annoying Reserved list buyouts again, right? Nope, all commons and uncommons from the early base sets have been removed from the Reserved list in the 2002 revision of that list (including Copper Tablet).

The card showed up in two consecutive winning deck lists in recent Old School format events. As a player, who actually played the game back when only those sets existed, which define the Old School format today, I can tell you that you are doing something wrong if you are losing to Copper Tablets. Most likely the number of Ivory Towers and/or Mirror Universes in your deck is wrong if you lose to such a card.

Now go and get your Copper Tablets from your attic and sell them at ridiculous prices, before winning the next Old School event with a real deck.

Entry Barrier

If you really feel the need to invest in 2-drop Old School artifacts, this is the most undervalued card from back then:

Relic Barrier

This card was/is absurd in that environment. In the worst case, it taps an opposing Mox each turn, but it can also stop commonly played creatures like Juggernaut and Mishra's Factory. The opposing Sol Ring will be no fun anymore, and tapping opposing Mana Vaults will be better than one-sided Copper Tablets. It can turn off an opposing Howling Mine or Winter Orb completely, but it is even better with your own copies of those cards as it turns them into one-sided advantage machines.

Grim Sleeper

Grim Monolith

Another old 2-drop artifact is on the rise as well. I have mentioned Grim Monolith in seven different articles by now, so you probably have all the copies you want. I just wanted to let you know that there is activity on the American market once again, and English version have been leaving MKM accordingly, which isn't reflected in the current starting price. Maybe you still want to get some foreign copies at the current price, or you might want to watch whether this activity leads to a bigger spike into which you might want to sell?


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