B&R Announcement September 2016

Did you win the Masterpiece lottery already? Today you may get another chance...

It is the Monday after Kaladesh Prereleases and I hope you had a lot of fun (and maybe even won the Masterpiece lottery)!

As an insight veteran you should know the drill by now, so I will keep it short, but just long enough for our new subscribers:

Sell them all

Sell or trade away all your cards from the Prerelease, especially the Foils and Kaladesh inventions! I know that they look sweet, and that they won you a bunch of games, and that you are emotionally attached to your first Masterpiece ever opened. All of this doesn't matter. Sell all your Prerelease cards now, as the supply to demand ratio will never be this good again. Maybe two or three of your cards would sell for more at some point in the future, but on average they will all lose value once the mass opening starts on Friday.

Banned and Restricted Announcement

Today will also be the next B&R Announcement. There were no changes to any format in July and I don't expect any changes today. Looking at recent tournament results no decks proved too dominant, so any changes would just be based on an intern desire for formats to play differently. Vintage and Legacy are doing fine and Modern is under less scrutiny since it isn't a Pro Tour format any more. There was a community uproar about Modern a few weeks ago, but those articles were mostly criticizing the lack of interactivity. It is a fact that there are 10 or more Modern decks attacking on completely different angles, while the available answers are not generic enough to keep all of them in check at the same time. It doesn't matter whether you like or hate exactly that about Modern, it definitely isn't easy to fix with any kind of B&R Announcement. Trying to change that would require printing more generic answers into Modern, or banning a lot of additional cards.

Anyway, buying into banned list cards is interesting for many players, as it can prove to be the perfect short term investment. Nothing spikes a card harder than an unbanning, so the reward is very high, while the time and money needed can be relatively low. If you are into this kind of speculation, there are a few ways to mitigate the risk of ending up sitting on a pile of “unplayable” cards. If you are interested in all the formats, you should prefer banned cards that see play in Legacy anyway. Of course, those cards are proven to be extremely powerful and therefore less likely to be unbanned, but you can still play them or sell them to Legacy players even if they never get removed from the Modern list. This is why I bought Ancestral Visions a few months before their Modern unbanning.

From (Ex+): 10,00 €  Price Trend: 11,75 €

In that regard Stoneforge Mystic is my favorite pick. I don't think it should be unbanned, but it has been doing great in Legacy recently. Both MKMS London and MKMS Madrid Legacy Main Events were won by Mystic decks, so owning these definitely won't hurt anybody – one way or the other.

If you are looking for a “more risk, more fun” alternative, Bloodbraid Elf would be my pick. It is more risky, as it doesn't see play in Legacy, but at the current cost the financial expenditure isn't high either. There were claims that the Elf was Modern legal on the Magic Online Beta server recently, so they may at least have looked into unbanning it.

From (EX+): 0,70 €  Price Trend: 1,23 €

Panic buying in the last minute is always an option as well. The announcement is expected to go online 8 AM in Seattle, which translates to 5 PM in central Europe. I would start refreshing the Wizards article page around 4.30 PM, as these announcements have come out earlier than expected in the past.


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