B/R announcement January 2016

Which decks and cards will increase in popularity and price now?

The banned and restricted announcement was released two days too early this time. When I first saw it, I expected there to be a problem with the automatic article posting system, but instead it seems to have been Wizards' attempt to prevent damage from a possible premature leak of this information. Posting the announcement two days early could have been a disaster as well if there had been any unbannings, but with only two new entries on the modern banned list (one of which was to be expected) the financial implications are less dramatic.

With Summer Bloom and Splinter Twin banned, what is most likely to happen? Which decks will increase in popularity and price?

The general consensus seems to be that those bannings helped R/G Tron a lot, as Tron wasn't great at stopping fast combo decks (including Twin's turn four win) and didn't like to see Blood Moon coming in from that deck's sideboard either. Tron was already a very expensive deck, but many of its parts are on the rise once again, like Karn Liberated and Oblivion Stone. Surprisingly Ancient Stirrings has not spiked yet. Given that it just dodged another obvious reprint opportunity in OGW and that it can also fit into a Modern Eldrazi deck if there is ever a version that decides to splash green, it seems like there should be additional potential there. Picking up some extra copies from former Amulet Bloom players during trades in the near future sounds like a decent plan.

These are the other cards that are spiking or trending upwards due to the banning of Summer Bloom and Splinter Twin:

Stony Silence

Affinity and Tron were top tier already and just lost some serious competition and bad match ups. Stony Silence is the sideboard card that is the most effective against both decks. I have been wondering for a while why it stayed comparatively low despite getting used in a lot of sideboards. I would not hope for that price to ever come back down to 4 € without a reprint.

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker  From (EX+): 8,99 €  Price Trend: 8,04 €

Some players believe that replacing their Twins with Kiki-Jikis will still leave them with a decent deck. I don't think so, because you will need even more red mana (which will prevent the G, B or W splashes), you can't win on turn four anymore, and Kiki can be more vulnerable than enchanting Exarch. Kiki-Chord could be one of the decks Twin players turn to now as well, but you only need one Kiki for that deck.

Eye of Ugin  From (EX+): 20,95 €  Price Trend: 23,80 €

Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth  From (EX+): 12,00 €  Price Trend: 10,69 €

The hype for the Eldrazi mana base continues. The thought of some players might be: If you have to change decks now anyway, why not try something entirely new, and fresh, and with tentacles?

Voice of Resurgence

The rise of Voice of Resurgence seems strange, given that we just lost one of the few decks that liked to play cards on an opponent's turn. It is one of the most expensive creatures in Kiki-Chord though.


RUG Scapeshift is one of the decks that shared some cards with Twin, so for some players it might be the cheapest deck to build next. Besides Grixis Control there aren't many decks with blue spells left that the mindmages could turn to (Merfolk doesn't really count).

All of these cards are rising already and chasing a trend can always be dangerous, and selling into the hype is generally the preferable strategy. On the other hand I expect many Modern cards to be even more expensive in 20 days (after the Pro Tour) than they are now.

What do you like to buy/sell due to this B/R announcement?

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Superpsyko(2016-01-18 18:01)

I'm currently sitting on my 2 "rotation proof" Urborg for no real reason. If the Eldrazi thing is real, I'll move them out.
Currently I wonder if I should move into playing Modern Storm. If the Tron Hype is real, my current Grixis Delver Build is not in great shape... That's my worst MU...