Bridge Trolls

Would you like to troll your opponents in Modern?

Prized Amalgam keeps popping up day after day on our highest percentual stock reduction table and our top cards table. As I wrote in my article GP Toronto Day Two the Modern dredge archetype has improved a lot due to Insolent Neonate, which sent graveyard enthusiasts around the world into a brewing frenzy. By now there seem to be enough cards available to take the archetype in multiple directions. The traditional approach uses more creatures to bring back Vengevines, but now there is also a potentially faster strategy available that is even more all-in on using the graveyard with Bridge from Below.

Modern Dredge

4 Steam Vents

4 Bloodstained Mire

4 Gemstone Mine

2 City of Brass

2 Mana Confluence

1 Blood Crypt

1 Dakmor Salvage

4 Insolent Neonate

2 Viscera Seer

4 Bloodghast

4 Prized Amalgam

4 Stitchwing Skaab

4 Stinkweed Imp

4 Golgari Grave-Troll

4 Greater Gargadon

4 Thought Scour

4 Faithless Looting

4 Bridge from Below


4 Spell Pierce

4 Pithing Needle

3 Ancient Grudge

2 Gemstone Caverns

2 Engineered Explosives

This list can probably still be improved, but you will have to play-test the spell configuration for a while, as there are a lot of puzzle pieces here which you can't just cut easily without understanding the big picture of what you need to achieve.

Greater Gargadon  From (EX+): 0,35 €  Price Trend: 1,35 €

As far as I am concerned Greater Gargadon is one of the coolest Magic cards ever made - not only because it is best friends with Restore Balance. The Gargadon is a giant looming threat for a single mana, that “punishes” your opponent for trying to destroy your permanents. The time management of this card is a challenge for both players, as both have to consider when the right moment will come around to make the last sacrifices to allow the Gargadon to appear and attack. Is it a coincidence that this card plays so similar to Ormendahl, Profane Prince and even has the same strange stats (and what is so special about being a 9/7 anyway?) ?

Bridge from Below From (EX+): 2,10 €  Price Trend: 3,70 €

In this deck the Gargadon is essential to trigger your Bridges from Below at instant speed. Sacrificing your Bloodghasts and Prized Amalgams over and over again is close to free, while putting Stitchwing Skaab back into the graveyard can also be important if you desperately want to discard the dredge cards once again. This whole process creates a nice zombie horde while also ticking the Gargadon down. If you like challenging decks with a lot of moving pieces, you should look into picking up the more unusual cards in the list. Given the popularity of Prized Amalgam I expect all of them to see at least small gains in the near future. This deck is cheap overall, and has some overlap with Legacy and Vintage Dredge lists, which are also known to be “cheap” entry points into their respective formats.

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House-of-Games(15.05.2016 14:19)

Gnaw to the bone is a nice 1of in the deck that can provide a lot of time against aggro decks.
Moreover gitaxian probe is a nice addtion as it a no cost dreadge enabler and provides useful info about the opponent. Also phantasmagorian can be a free discard outlet for cards like bridge form below, prized amagalm etc. Last but not least drowned rusalka and ideas unbound can be useful in a dreadge strategyin modern, as they have seen play in the past in dreadge