#CMAskTheJudge Episode 109: On a Rebound

Here's Episode 109 of Cardmarket's AskTheJudge series. Each episode includes a video that poses a question regarding the rules of Magic. Watch the video, comment with your answer, and then check your work below. This week's question is about going on a rebound — or just into exile.

Welcome to #CMAskTheJudge! This time our judge wants to know what happens if you give rebound to a spell that exiles itself while resolving. Can Cast Through Time extend a Genesis Ultimatum? Comment on our video (or below) with your answer and then check whether you got it right or wrong!

cast through time genesis ultimatum

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Helldragon(22.11.2020 22:19)(Edited: 22.11.2020 22:20)

I believe if you cast Genesis Ultimatium while Cast Through Time is in play you won't get a rebound trigger, because the Ultimatum is exiled as an effect. Rebound happens while it resolves, but because the ultimatum exiles itself while the card resolves, The exile effect of the ultimate happens before the exile trigger of rebound so the rebound trigger sees no legal card it can trigger on and the trigger won't happen.
So long story short, the ultimatum exiles itself before the rebound trigger can happen.

Groox(21.11.2020 12:52)

If you cast Genesis Ultimatum (from your hand of course) with rebound, you shuld be able to choose in which way you're going to exile it.
Same for an Adventure spell with rebound. You choose if it became "rebounded" (in that case you can exile it again as it resolves and cast the creature spell lather) or put it in exile as Adventure.

amrtina(21.11.2020 18:47)

True for adventure, not true for genesis ultimatum, check the answer :)