#CMAskTheJudge Episode 27 - Replicate Experience

Episode 27 of Cardmarket's AskTheJudge series. Each installment in this series will include a video that poses a rules question about MTG. Watch the video, comment with your answer, and then check your work below. This week's question involves an Izmagnus, a Djinn, and an expensive removal spell.

Can you copy the spell without paying?

Welcome to #CMAskTheJudge! This time, our judge wants to know if you can cast a spell and copy it with Replicate without paying any mana. Comment on our video (or below) with your answers and, additionally, you will find the correct answer below the images!

Mizzix of the Izmagnus Djinn Illuminatus Scour from Existence

When casting a spell, you begin by putting it on the stack and then choosing modes and additional casting costs. The Replicate ability Scour from Existence gets from Djinn Illuminatus is an additional casting cost. Now, you must announce how many times you want to copy it and then choose a target for each copy. After that, you determine the total cost. At first, you add together the various costs of the spell, including the cost for Replicate. In this case, it's 14 mana in total. Then, you look what might make the spell more expensive to cast and add this(in this case we dont have anything) and after all of that, you look at what makes it cheaper. Here is where the ability of Mizzix of the Izmagnus comes into play, which says your spell costs {1} less to cast for each experience counter you have and since you have 14, you dont have to pay any mana for your spell, including the copy.


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Daithicuts(28.10.2018 12:25)

Scour from existence exiles rather than destroys

Support-Stefan(26.10.2018 11:01)

@Zottel1508 Thanks for catching that :)

Zottel1508(26.10.2018 10:25)

Copy pasted the title-question