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Hello and welcome to WhatTheTrend, the column where we will examine current trends on Cardmarket, check out why certain cards are popular and speculate about future price developments. We had a crazy week with many Modern Horizons cards jumping all over the place and we're investigating the cards that got the most attention this week.

A New Card in an Established Deck

Aria of Flame, the newest red enchantment that works with instants and sorceries has achieved relevance, going from bulk-rare status to a solid 2.5€ right now. Both Izzet Phoenix as well as the established Modern Storm deck have seen success with the three-mana replacement for Pyromancer Ascension.

Aria of Flame Pyromancer Acension Arclight Phoenix

So why is this enchantment so good for the spell-focused decks? It has to do with one of the deck's weaknesses that get exploited currently: the graveyard. Between Arclight Phoenix and Snapcaster Mage in one deck and Past in Flames in the other, not having to rely on the yard for once is a big relief. In a metagame filled with Hogaak and answers to it, Surgical Extraction, Rest in Peace, Nihil Spellbomb, Grafidgger's Cage and Leyline of the Void are everywhere and being able to circumvent these is a great gameplan.

Additionally, the enchantment basically reads "cast eight instant or sorceries spells, win the game," since by then you'll have dealt 36 damage total, enough to knock out the opponent even after the ten initial gained life.

Given that the Aria is 'only' a rare and will not be a playset inclusion anytime soon, I feel like the window to profit off them has passed. Get your copies now if you want to play with them but don't get too excited over a two of in an established deck.

The Chase Mythic

Wrenn and Six Wasteland Wooded Foothills

Wrenn and Six was the hot topic on Cardmarket this week. Jumping from already high 20€ to 35€ within a day, prices were all over the place. As of writing this, you can obtain NM English copies for 34.90€.

Why did this card spike? Now, I don't need to tell you about how great this card is in Legacy. Lists haven't quite settled yet but it has become obvious that this card is here to stay. Getting back a good card with a plus ability on a two mana Planeswalker is absurd and everyone knows it.

While Modern is currently very fast and the shell for a lands strategy is not quite there, people know the potential of this card and were quick to buy into the hype once it started rising. The Mythic rarity also makes it easy to feel like you'll be missing out on a great card if you don't buy immediately.

Plague Engineer

Plague Engineer

Oh look, it's our preview card on Cardmarket! Players started realizing this is a legitimate sideboard card for Modern once they saw it in action. Since then its sell price has increased to a solid 2.5€, trending upwards.

You can read about applications of the card in our preview article, I'm not going to delve deeper into it here. That said, many fair decks started including the Carrier creature in their sideboard as a two-of.

Jund by bladede, 7-1 at Modern Premiere, June 2019/p>

As for the future of this card, I wouldn't predict it to become an expensive staple of Modern. Being black limits the applications a lot, while it also only fights creatures on a specific angle that's only interesting to fair decks (a deck like Ad Nauseam for example doesn't care about a card like this at all even though it's black). Should a deck like elves ever become too popular, maybe Plague Engineer becomes a true Modern staple but until that happens, we're looking at another rare in the 1-3€ category.

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env03059(28.06.2019 16:11)

I'm surprised not to see Force of Negation too in the article.