Colourful Legacy

Legacy is not only about blue cards!

Two weeks ago one of our users wrote the following comment:

“Maybe we should buy something different for Christmas than cards for Standard. How about an article for sleeping combos for modern/legacy? I could imagine that there are some combos that were played in the past and disappeared for any reason but are still viable. Painter's Servant / Grindstone, ...”

Paint it black

I decided to come back to that comment at a later point in time and honour it with its own article. Now seems to be the perfect time, as Painter combo was played to an eleventh place finish at the SCG Legacy Open yesterday! The Painter combo had already been used in a fringe deck in Legacy before, making up only 1% of the metagame recently, but it might be time for a comeback. So far the combo was usually played in a mono-red shell, making use of Pyroblasts and Red Elemental Blasts to extract extra value from your Painter's Servant's ability to turn every opposing card blue (if it isn't already anyway). Among other things the deck was using play-sets of Imperial Recruiter and Blood Moon, which are not necessarily part of many Legacy players' collections. Louis Gentile took a different approach this weekend by putting the combo in a Grixis skeleton, adding Dack Fayden, Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas and everyone's favourite blue cards into the mix. Using Force of Will doesn't make the deck that much cheaper, but Legacy players usually own those already, so the new investment needed to obtain the Grixis version of the deck could be low enough to be interesting for many players now. Blue combo decks are generally more attractive to Legacy players than mono-red decks.

Painter's Servant From (EX+): 3,99 € Price Trend: 5,46 €

Grindstone From (EX+): 8,50 € Price Trend: 11,58 €

These are the essential parts, so those two cards will be played as 4-ofs no matter where the deck evolution will be heading. They are likely to spike if the combo gets more popular again in the upcoming weeks. Maybe we will see it perform in Madrid?

Everything is blue

Intuition From (EX+): 11,50 € Price Trend: 14,27 €

Transmute Artifact From (EX+): 36,99 € Price Trend: 41,14 €

In most decks a million sorcery-speed Brainstorm variants have replaced the more expensive blue instants that we loved to play back in the day. I am happy to see Intuition used here though, as it is actually well-positioned in a format filled with 1-drop hate in the form of Chalice of the Void and Counterbalance. Paying one more mana for your Demonic Tutor to be instant is more than fair, especially if Goblin Welder is eager to bring back the binned cards anyway, so you can actually tutor for three artifacts instead of one effectively.

What is better than tutoring for three mana? Tutoring and putting the tutored card into play of course! Tinker is banned for good reason, but for this deck Transmute Artifact (aka the original Tinker) is just as good, because you are only looking for cheap artifacts anyway. Both Intuition and Transmute Artifact  are on the reserved list, so they are a safe investment as well.

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malz77(2015-11-30 21:49)

jay! nice article and thx for picking up my idea. meanwhile I bought a bunch of helm of obed. and some leylines. maybe something for the next legacy insight :-)