Commander Legends: Abomination of Llanowar on a Budget


Check out this budget Golgari Elf tribal deck led by the Abomination of Llanowar. Cast a lot of Elves for value, ramp and/or card draw. Somebody wipes the board? No worries, the commander cares for the number of Elves in the graveyard as well, so it will only grow bigger and bigger …

abomination of llanowar
At some point the Abomination will be so big that it can one-shot players out of the game!

Abomination of Llanowar is an Elf that cares about the number of Elves on the field and in the graveyard. This makes it a very useful counter to something that Elf decks usually have problems with — board wipes. Clearing the board is typically a huge setback to creature-based strategies. But the Abomination mitigates this by growing in power even if the Elves go to the graveyard. As a deck, it can either go wide by casting a number of small Elves or grow tall, Voltron-style, simply by letting Elves die. The best part is that we can build this deck on a budget.

Abomination of Llanowar

New Elf Toys

Commander Legends has brought us some interesting new Elf cards to play with. This results in more choices and options for deck building, but most importantly, this gives us new commanders to try out, two of which are Miara, Thorn of the Glade and Numa, Joraga Chieftain. They can even partner up and be swapped in for the Abomination if you like. Miara is excellent at proving card advantage in the face of removal, while Numa can transform excessive pools of mana into power (in the form of +1/+1 counters).

miara numa elvish dreadlord

Nightshade Harvester punishes landfall or ramp strategies by draining our opponents for each land they play and making itself bigger. Elvish Dreadlord can be an excellent one-sided board wipe, especially with the encore ability. Pride of the Perfect is an enchantment that boosts the power of all our Elves. This can be very useful for our commander combined with some dirty tricks we can use to kill off players …

Playing Dirty

Since our commander has a tendency to get big and already has evasion in the form of menace, we can try to surprise our opponents with an infect win. The most obvious way to go about it is to equip the Abomination with Grafted Exoskeleton. As long as there are seven other Elves present on the field or in our graveyard, our commander is already lethal since we only need to inflict 10 points of damage to kill a player with poison counters. Or we can swing in when our commander has a total power of 9, wait to see if it gets blocked, and if it doesn't, cast Tainted Strike for a similar result. Likewise, if we managed to create an army of small Elves, we can use Triumph of the Hordes to kill everyone with infect.

grafted exoskeleton tainted strike triumph of the hordes

Not Big Enough

What if we want to make our commander even bigger? I like the image of a mass of horrifically fused bodies putting on Ring of Kalonia or Ring of Xathrid. These rings give trample and regeneration respectively but also come with the extra of adding a +1/+1 counter to our creature. Shadowspear is also useful as it gives the equipped creature trample and lifelink. Since we are playing Elves, we might as well include different Elf lords that work double duty. Elvish Archdruid, Elvish Champion, and Imperious Perfect all add power to our team but also do something else. The Archdruid ramps, the Champion grants forestwalk, and the Perfect creates additional Elf tokens.

imperious perfect

Guilty Pleasure

One of my guilty pleasures in Magic is to try and get to planeswalker ultimates. This is usually very hard to achieve in a four-player game. However, with a bunch of Elves we can easily defend our planeswalker. If there is one planeswalker whose ultimate I would really like to activate it's Nissa Revane's. The original Elf walker's last ability would let us put all Elf cards from our deck onto the battlefield, which would make our commander the biggest creature on the board. Even if somehow all our Elves go to the graveyard, we can still beat down with the Abomination.

nissa revane

Disclaimer: The only thing we have to look out for is graveyard hate, and unfortunately, that is not as uncommon as it used to be.

The Deck

Abomination of Llanowar on a Budget

Final Words

What do you think of the Abomination? Does it bring certain eldritch fears to the forefront of your consciousness or is it just me? I like the idea of some creature stalking the forests of Llanowar on Dominaria, composed of various Elves, alive and dead. What is the story behind it? Who created such a monster?

What about the deck? Do you like this new take on Elves? Or would you rather have Miara and Numa as joint commanders? Keeping in mind the budget of this deck is around 74 euros, do you have any recommendations? Let us know down below!

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LittleWulf(26.11.2020 14:30)(Edited: 26.11.2020 15:06)

Shaman of the Pack are missing and min. One sorce to bounce creatures. Many good enter the BF effect here in the list. Our all favorit insect or the crystal shard. But our little Brain bug is already in my multiplayer round the favorit target for removel :)
And a button with "add list to shopping card" is missing :D

rsci1(27.11.2020 09:55)

LittleWulf It was in the original list but I had to make cuts as I rather have utility elves and swing in with the Abomination hehe.

customtaylor(26.11.2020 13:25)

I've been stuck on how to build an elves deck with the new cards and this will definitely come in handy, thankfully I already own a lot of the cards too, so even better! Nice build thanks for uploading

rsci1(26.11.2020 13:50)

Customtaylor Welcome, glad you found the article useful ;)

Karlitosbud159(26.11.2020 12:21)

This is truly a great build for a commander deck that I will definitely go for! I was thinking about maybe even using Rhys the Redeemed that I got from Double Masters as a way to further create more elf tokens and really ramp up further Abomination.

rsci1(26.11.2020 12:29)

Karlitosbud159 Rhys the Redeemed can't be in the same deck with Abomination as it has white in its color identity (check the hybrid mana rules in commander). Also, tokens don't go to the graveyard so they will only buff it temporarily. So try to find a balance between elf tokens and actual elf creatures that can give you more power when they go to the graveyard.

Karlitosbud159(26.11.2020 12:44)

Rsci1 Ahhhh I see - Never came face to face with that rule yet, woops! And yeah you have a point about Rhys :( They would just serve as cannon fodder ultimately, and surely the other legendary creatures you mentioned are of more value to the deck hahahaha

pvandelft(02.12.2020 10:15)(Edited: 02.12.2020 10:15)

Karlitosbud159 Both Rhys and Abomination can go in an Kethis legendary elf deck for sure. I have one and it's fun and not only a gimmick. There are so many good legendary elves in Abzan colors it's hard to cut cards.

Pyrocrastinator(25.11.2020 03:04)

Hi Ryan!
What a great deck!
I love Elfs!

Bonehoard would be sweet too, as long as no one exiles all graveyards!

rsci1(25.11.2020 06:53)

Pyrocrastinator Yeah good call. That's a good way to double the Abomination's power as well.