Commanding Dragons

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Due to a leak, one of the themes of the upcoming Commander tribal decks has been revealed preemptively: Dragons!

The deck appears to contain some of the dragons from Khans Block and various other dragons from the past, like Broodmate Dragon or Steel Hellkite.

There will be the dragon themed lands Haven of the Spirit Dragon and Crucible of the Spirit Dragon as well.

There are several new dragons with different flavors in the set as well, including a cat dragon, a spirit dragon, and a dragon avatar!

There is already lots of action happening in response to this leak. Some people are going for the foil versions of the cards which will be in the deck. I am not sure this is a great strategy though. If you are the target audience buying this deck, are you going to then proceed to swap out the cards for foils? Maybe if you are a hardcore Commander fan, but in that case you might already have a foiled out Dragon tribal Commander deck by now.

I think it would be the most effective to buy the cards that new dragon enthusiasts would want to buy to improve their Preconstructed deck. I am neither an expert on dragons nor on Commander, so I suggest we turn this one into a community effort. Please, list some dragon-themed cards you expect to draw more interest in the near future once players start experimenting with their new preconstructed toys.

I will start the list with the most “obvious” one that isn't a dragon itself:

Zirilan of the Claw From (EX+): 4,90 €

What else do you like to pick up or pull from your bulk boxes due to the upcoming dragon invasion?

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Next-Heroes(29.05.2017 11:13)

Maybe cards like Dragonstorm or Kaalia of the Vast could fit in those decks under certain circumstances? Valakut, the molten Pinnacle as well.