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With the release scheduled for next week, Commander 2015 spoilers are in full swing now. Here are the most important facts so far.

With the release scheduled for next week, Commander 2015 spoilers are in full swing now. Here are the most important facts so far:

Set Name: Commander 2015

Languages: English, Chinese Simplified, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Official Three-Letter Code: C15

Release Date: November 13, 2015

Are these decks underpriced?

When the decks were first announced they had a MSRP of $34.99, but at the moment they are listed on MKM starting at 24 €, with the set of five starting at 95,50 € (which translates to 19,10 € per deck). These prices are much lower than I anticipated them to be. This is definitely good news for Commander players, but it might also be good news for financial purposes. That depends entirely on the value of the included reprints, and whether or not any of the new cards could be powerful enough to see Legacy (or Vintage) play, as these cards won't be legal in Modern or Standard. So far the previews have revealed a lot of exciting cards for Commander players, but not much for Legacy yet.

Casual reprints

The following cards are important reprints for the Commander format, because these cards started to become "quite expensive" given that they only have kitchen table appeal, without ever seeing any competitive play.

Black Market From (EX+): 4,00 € Price Trend: 6,80 €

Urza's Incubator From (EX+): 4,49 € Price Trend: 9,78 €

Gisela, Blade of Goldnight From (EX+): 3,45 € Price Trend: 6,93 €

As you can see the panic sales have started already, with starting prices dropping quite a bit below the former trend. If you were holding these cards, try to move them very fast now, or you will have to wait multiple years for them to recover to their former heights.

Command and Confluence

The confluences are the highest priced cards at the moment, and they are in fact very sweet cards for Commander. Players always appreciate options and choosing three modes, while being allowed the same mode multiple times, makes even the powerful command cycle look weak in comparison. Mana Leak and double Unsummon, or a Mana Leak, which draws you two cards, sounds like a beating, but all of the confluences are too expensive for Legacy.

Mystic Confluence  From (EX+): 6,46 € Price Trend: 6,12 €

Fiery Confluence  From (EX+): 2,62 € Price Trend: 2,69 €

Building a Legacy

So with additional information slowly trickling in, what should you be looking for? All of the decks will be valuable for Commander enthusiasts, but you might just want to pick up specific decks, because their single card prices add up to the highest total value, or because they contain the hidden treasure for Legacy. You will need to act very fast though, before the market responds and the prices start to differ between the five decks.

How do you recognize cards that are potentially Legacy playable? Those cards should ideally cost between zero and three mana, while providing unique effects. If they cost more than three mana they should rather be red, black, or colourless, as those cards can still easily be cast early enough with the help of various red or Dark Ritual effects. Legacy games can be drawn out affairs, and you could cast more expensive spells later on, but only if you are able to interact very well in the first three turns, otherwise you can be dead or locked out of the game already. What are our Legacy candidates so far?

Magus of the Wheel From (EX+): 2,45 € Price Trend: 2,46 €

Mizzix's Mastery From (EX+): 1,94 € Price Trend: 1,97 €

Wheel of Fortune is banned in Legacy and for good reason. Red has cheap aggressive creatures, burn, and mana rituals, which allow for various explosive early game strategies. Refilling both players hands will be better for you (as the red mage) than for your opponent most of the time. The recently unbanned Black Vise could be another incentive for the red mage to spin the wheel. Obviously, Magus of the Wheel has quite a few disadvantages compared to the banned Wheel of Fortune, but it might still be powerful enough to help foster aggressive red strategies, which have not been very successful in Legacy for a while.

Mizzix's Mastery has two applications. It either helps you bypass the casting cost of a single overpowered high cost sorcery or instant, or you plan to overload it and replay a bunch of rituals on your way to a Storm combo kill. I don't see it yet, why/when this card would be better than Past in Flames, but there is definitely potential in the fact that you can cast those copies for free. For example it turns Seething Song from a +2 mana into a +5 mana spell. Maybe Mizzix's Mastery will cause another Storm variant to be developed, that maximizes this advantage.

Comment on your favourite uses for Mizzix's Mastery or any other C15 card you like for Legacy!


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