Countdown til Christmas: Top 10 Magic Cards of 2018 (#3)

Cardmarket's top 10 most sold Magic: The Gathering cards of 2018 - with a Christmas twist! These cards topped our charts from 1 January to 30 November 2018 and we can't wait to share them. Here's our 3rd most popular card!

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A rat colony brawls once,
twice, thrice, evermore.

A Squirrel Is Just a Rat with a Cuter Outfit

Explaining why Dominaria's Rat Colony proved so popular in 2018 is, well, self-explanatory. Like the Fifth Dawn uncommon, Relentless Rats, players can have as many Rat Colony cards in their deck as they like. So anyone choosing to build a Rat Colony deck, be it for Standard, Brawl, even Commander, will require more than the traditional playset – roughly six playsets for Commander and up to ten playsets for Brawl and Standard.

Rat Colony 1 Rat Colony 2 Rat Colony 3
Rat Colony 4 Rat Colony 5 Rat Colony 6

Brawl is a format that hasn't really taken off as well as it might have, at least in paper. But with the right support, it has the potential to be something very special and innovative… although Rat Colony Brawl probably won't be one of those.

Here's a quick Brawl list:

Elenda, the Dusk Rose as your commander allows you gain some life back if needed, since your Rats will likely be trading heavily once you've three or four in play. Citywide Bust is basically a one-sided Wrath effect, and all the Instants in the deck are designed to provide massive amounts of additional power for when you see an opening. Fun and very linear times await!

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Top 10 Magic Cards of 2018