Countdown to Christmas 2019: Sorceries


Today, we reveal the final pieces of the puzzle posed by our Christmas contest. Things end with fireworks, as we take a look at the four most popular sorcery cards of the year. We have a list of winners too, and of course there are some Christmas presents to hand out.

When I think of Christmas, a very clear color scheme comes to mind. First, the dark green of fir. Then, red candles. Finally, there's the glow of those candles' light. This exact same color palette we also find among 2019's four most traded sorcery cards …

#4 – Circuitous Route

circuitous route

Some people like to arrange their vegetation into a wreath for the holidays. This here is circuitous rather than circular, but it is Explosive Vegetation, only better. In fact, my Commander-playing friends tell me that Circuitous Route joined and/or succeeded the Vegetation in so many of their decks. The card also played a huge role in Standard this year. The latest Field of the Dead builds before the rotation didn't run Scapeshift anymore, but they all took the Route to victory.

#3 – Lava Coil

lava coil

This card, like all cards on today's list, harks back to a simpler time, before the War, before 3-mana planeswalkers took over, before every format from Brawl to Vintage caught on f.i.r.e. Guilds of Ravnica and Ravnica Allegiance were full of such designs—useful but not broken, elegant instead of a pile-up of abilities, answers and support spells rather than haymakers, and affordable for everyone. Take Chemister's Insight or Growth Spiral for example, or indeed, Lava Coil.

#2 – Light Up the Stage

light up the stage

The red Thoughtcast was big in Standard, played a relevant role in Modern, and even enjoyed some Legacy action. More submissions correctly identified Light Up the Stage as the number-two sorcery than got any other sorcery right. Funnily enough, even more submissions incorrectly pegged Light Up as the number-one sorcery. It clearly was very popular, but one other card topped the charts.

The #1 Sorcery Is …

Christmas Lights
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Skewer the Critics won the battle partly on the strength of overwhelming numbers. There are 2.6 as many copies of a common as there are copies of an uncommon around, after all. Though it wasn't just that. Skewer also proved itself against all naysayers and detractors, and became the most traded sorcery of the year.

Congratulations to …

  1. Aeolipile – who correctly picked Pteramander, Persistent Petitioners, Narset, Ashiok, Teferi, Skewer the Critics, and Light Up the Stage, earned 23 points, and wins the grand prize of €50 in Cardmarket credit

  2. Kattn – who earned 22 points and wins €40 in Cardmarket credit
  3. Mestremuten – who earned 22 points and wins €30 in Cardmarket credit
  4. Giantpah – who earned 22 points and wins €30 in Cardmarket credit
  5. DerMaddin123 – who earned 22 points and wins €20 in Cardmarket credit
  6. tyrod – who earned 21 points and wins €20 in Cardmarket credit
  7. nappitatti – who earned 20 points and wins €10 in Cardmarket credit
  8. Cadiac – who earned 19 points and wins €10 in Cardmarket credit
  9. Asylfan – who earned 18 points and wins €10 in Cardmarket credit
  10. Rafolas – who earned 18 points and wins €10 in Cardmarket credit
  11. Anssi – who earned 18 points and wins €10 in Cardmarket credit
  12. Neuroosi – who earned 18 points and wins €10 in Cardmarket credit

Note that originally we wanted to award prizes only for the best ten submissions. The next two were tied on points, though, so we found a few extra coupons. Merry Christmas! All winners will have the credit added to their account balance in the next couple of days.

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily Cardmarket.
(Prizes though are definitely Cardmarket's.)


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Neuroosi(21.12.2019 07:23)

Thanks MCM! This was a nice surprise!

nappitatti(19.12.2019 13:23)

Thank you for the contest :)
I'm still kicking myself for not guessing pteramander. It was on the front page for half a year :D

Support-Stefan(19.12.2019 13:20)

Hello Everyone! Congratulations to our 12 winners! All of the winners *should* have had credit added to their account. Please reply to this comment if you didn't receive your credit, so I can check your account and get in touch with you.

Thanks to everyone who participated!