Daily D&D Deck Tech: A Storm of Gifts and Wishes

Every workday throughout the preview season for Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, Insight is taking a quick look at one new deck featuring the latest cards from the upcoming set. Today we make a Wish and play a card from our sideboard. Can this take Modern's Blue-Red Storm up a tier?


So-called wish effects have traditionally been very strong in larger formats. The most popular include Cunning Wish and Burning Wish, both of which see extensive Legacy play. In Modern, however, we've never had more than Glittering Wish, which requires a specific brand of combo deck. At least until now.

There's a new card that goes by the surprisingly simple name Wish. Unlike its predecessors it takes any type of card from our sideboard with the only restriction that we need to play it on the very same turn.

wish wish

In my opinion the best deck to take advantage of a wish effect and circumvent the restriction in Modern is Blue-Red Storm. With copious amounts of mana during its combo turns, the limitation does not seem as harsh. Due to Baral and Electromancer wishing will rarely add more than two mana to the cost of what we're wishing for anyway. In addition, the fact that it's fundamentally a Gifts Ungiven deck means we don't have to play a ton of wishes to have regular access to it. Last but not least, in a Past in Flames deck a single Wish is virtually two, thanks to flashback.

What function would Wish have? As far as I'm concerned, it's a clean way to skimp on main-deck win conditions—Grapeshot or Empty the Warrens. On top of that, we can trim the usual two Past in Flames down to one. This way the deck is much leaner, you don't draw the wrong combo cards at the wrong time but retain access to all of them. Being able to get rid of all kinds of problematic permanents before sideboarding is a huge plus as well.

echoing truth demilich

It's not without a cost though. We need to construct our sideboard in such a way that it maximizes game one utility but does not dilute our secondary plans for games two and three. Against slow, interactive decks, for example, Storm often just wants to play an early Empty the Warrens for eight to ten tokens, which is usually enough to win. I think we should also add another new card to the mix—Demilich. It can act as an additional threat out of the sideboard that does not need you to fully combo off. Between Rituals and Manamorphose, you can easily wish for it and cast it for free on turn two.

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JuanAM8(05.07.2021 12:47)

Why do you say that we can trim Past in Flames to 1 in the mainboard and then you have 2+1 in the 75? Shouldn't the correct number be 1+1?

With Wish, Pact of Negation should also be an interesting tool to have in the wishboard, isn't it?