Daily D&D Deck Tech: An Affinity for Artifacts (in Standard)


Every workday ahead of the set's paper release, Insight takes a quick look at a deck featuring cards from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. There's an aggressive and wild white-blue brew in Standard that's exhibiting an affinity for artifacts, making use of Ingenious Smith and The Blackstaff of Waterdeep!

The Blackstaff of Waterdeep

While you can't use any cards with the eponymous keyword, you can absolutely show off your affinity for artifacts with your Standard deck now. Really, there's no other explanation for the inclusion of dorky creatures such as Gingerbrute, Silver Raven, and Locthwain Gargoyle than that you care about the artifact type. The deck stores all of its removal capabilities in artifacts too, meaning Glass Casket and Portable Hole, and also uses a couple of Spare Supplies.

The Blackstaff of Waterdeep is the main payoff for running all of these artifacts. The evasive creatures mentioned above are crazy at 4/4, so are some of the noncreature artifacts, and a 3/3 Stonecoil Serpent even turns into a 7/7.

the blackstaff of waterdeep ingenious smith

Ingenious Smith can pick up any artifact from the top of your library, and it often grows big because there are so many here. Oswald Fiddlebender is great as a tutor, even though it doesn't have many targets. It can still sacrifice a Serpent or Treasure Vault to find the the all-important Blackstaff, or it can sacrifice excess copies of the legendary artifact for value.

oswald fiddlebender monk class

It's a shame how All That Glitters is itself an enchantment, but it's nevertheless one of the strongest cards in the deck. Finally, Monk Class is perfect in an artifact-heavy deck too because it allows you to cast a spell for free as early as turn two if that spell only costs generic mana.

This is a fun little aggro deck that also uses the companion Lurrus of the Dream-Den to its fullest potential. With all the new low-cost drops like The Blackstaff of Waterdeep, Ingenious Smith, and Oswald Fiddlebender, there is no need for anything more expensive.

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redki21(23.07.2021 09:34)

I really like this deck, but is sad that about 20 cards rotate.

Tezzeret84(23.07.2021 14:47)

Redki21 they will repress... No doubt. You can make a deck for Legacy and play in standard. Wizards knows is worth :)