Daily Deck Tech Hunt: Considering Doomsday


Every workday ahead of the set's release, Insight is taking a quick look at a deck featuring new cards from the upcoming Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Today, we're considering a card that may make it all the way to Legacy and prove a relevant update to one of the format's meanest combo strategies!


It's safe to say that Innistrad: Midnight Hunt includes one of the most powerful cards in a long time. People didn't immediately realize how powerful Oko or Omnath was, and even noticing Urza's Saga as quite strong, I didn't fully grasp how busted that card would turn out. So what is different about Consider?

Consider is a very different card in that it will never cause that dreaded "Omg I'm losing to Oko again" feeling. It cannot win games on its own. It is also a very small effect of which we have seen variants time and again over the years. Why would we get excited over such a simple card?

I consider myself an aestheticist. I really appreciate when Wizards finally manage to get a simple effect to the exact spot where it is powerful for its mana cost and yet not too powerful. Brainstorm, Ponder, and Preordain are all busted. Opt on the other hand is a fine card, but playing with it and comparable cards for a long time you realize that there is a just a tiny bit more power to squeeze out of this kind of effect. I believe Consider might be hitting the sweet spot dead center, where it is as strong as it can be without causing trouble.

consider doomsday

I might yet end up being wrong, though. The upgrade from Opt to Consider is actually considerable. Imagine replacing your Opt with Consider in a deck that runs Tarmogoyf or Past in Flames, or makes use of delve, delirium, or threshold. It is really not hard to picture that Izzet Phoenix in Pioneer is a much better deck for it. I love all that, but what I find even cooler is that Consider gives Doomsday decks in Legacy a very efficient new way to win.

I've played quite a bit of Doomsday for my Vintage series. I always found Doomsday to be a scary proposition but learned that the deck is rather tame in Vintage. Legacy Doomsday on the other hand always kept looking like it was really hard to play. Replacing Ancestral Recall with Brainstorm or Ideas Unbound and Black Lotus with Lion's Eye Diamond makes things difficult, you see.

Curiously Consider helps the deck out with a very efficient kill. The idea is: with Doomsday you put Consider on top of your library, Deep Analysis second, and Lion's Eye Diamond third. Then you only need to draw the top card of your pile and have one blue mana available to cast Consider, get Deep Analysis into the graveyard, find and cast LED, and flashback Analysis off the LED mana. Smartly you will have put Lotus Petal and Thassa's Oracle as the final two cards, and voilà: victory!


Here's a sample list. I took a recent decklist from Kai Sawatari and squeezed in one Consider and one Deep Analysis.


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Liuxing(18.09.2021 05:35)

But why is there 5 Pact of negation

Spark(06.09.2021 21:22)

Nice take on the archetype, the only thing that worries me is the 3 life of Deep Analysis, this might be the bottle neck in certain piles featuring Consider.

OdinFK(07.09.2021 10:38)

Spark I agree, it requires at least 8 life if you figure in Doomsday as well, but I suppose the option should be worth the slots. Including Consider comes at almost no cost and Deep Analysis at least is a blue card, so you can pitch it to Force.

Gamester52(18.10.2021 21:55)

The thing is, that this is a way to win the same turn with only 1 blue mana and a draw effect. That was before not possilbe in the same turn. In other spots other piles are still better, with more protection. But sometimes this exactly what you need. So it's a nice and important upgrade for the deck but costs some slots.

And by the way you would always play the full playset of petals. I would rather cut a fetch land.

Pronoobis(06.09.2021 18:55)

Great article, and imho, consider is one of the Best cards spoiled for the set thus far