Daily Deck Tech Hunt: Memory Deluge Reclamation

Every workday ahead of the set's release, Insight is taking a quick look at a deck featuring new cards from the upcoming Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Wilderness Reclamation was a menace in Standard and showed its power alongside Uro. Now, it's time for a comeback with a new Dig Through Time—Memory Deluge.

deluge - reclamation

With Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath legal some time ago, Wilderness Reclamation was quite a popular control shell. It paired beautifully with Mystic Sanctuary and Fact or Fiction, for which opponents could never choose a good pile. The control player either drew Uro or replayed Uro which landed in the graveyard. Then, when the bannings came, the hope for Reclamation was seemingly lost.

Enter Midnight Hunt and Memory Deluge. The first casting works similarly to Fact, at least now that most of the graveyard shenanigans are gone. But the flashback is way, way stronger. The way to look at it, it's the effect of Dig Through Time, and we all know how strong that is. In a Reclamation deck with copious amounts of mana casting it and flashing it back is going to be trivial.

memory deluge wilderness reclamation

The rest of the deck remains a very strong control shell: eight main-deck pieces of countermagic in Counterspell and Archmage's Charm, seven copies of removal in Unholy Heat and Lightning Bolt, plus quadruple Snapcaster Mage. It's complemented nicely with Wrenn and Six to make sure you hit your land drops and a full set of Shark Typhoon as an evasive threat. Bear in mind that with all the mana Wilderness Reclamation generates, Sharks may almost be able to one-shot your opponents. The Typhoon also adds an enchantment to your graveyard to turn on delirium.

Growth Spiral continues to be the ramp spell of choice. It replaces itself and enables the nut draw of turn two Spiral into turn three Reclamation, untap, hold up interaction. From that point on, your mana advantage should bring you the win as you multi-spell so much every single turn. The one-of Nexus of Fate is there to allow for some combo-ish turns where you pair it with a big Shark to kill in two swings, or maybe you've drawn so many cards from your deck that now you can loop extra turns. It's also an effective main-deck hate card against mill.

I cannot wait to try out this draw-go Dig Through Time control deck in Modern!

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Closed-Cardmarket-Account-990518810(20.09.2021 09:56)

Slow deck, no competitive for fun vs friends.. Ok ¿ xD

joppequick(20.09.2021 08:21)

Nice deck idea, but the format should really be mentioned at the beginnig of the article or the title even.