Daily Deck Tech Vow: Blue-Red Horror Control

Here's our vow: Every workday ahead of the set's release, Insight is taking a quick look at another deck featuring the new cards from Innistrad: Crimson Vow. Taking extra turns has been blue-red's prime way of winning in Standard so far, but there is another new way to go even bigger. Let's release the Kraken!

hullbreaker horror ramp

When deciding what blue-red flavor to build, you were almost certain to begin with quadruple Expressive Iteration and probably add a full playset of Alrund's Epiphany. Well, not in this case. The player Soulstrong took down the Standard Challenge last weekend with Blue-Red … Control. It's the most controlly control deck you can imagine and actually runs zero copies of extra turn spells. It focuses on instant-speed, pass-the-turn gameplay rather than any combo shenanigans.

Instead its top end consists almost exclusively of the new Hullbreaker Horror. This Kraken Horror cannot be countered and can enter the battlefield at instant speed. It allows us to hold up mana and to decide when to deploy the threat. Once it hits, each and every spell gets a free Unsubstantiate tacked on, and that enables so many interactive opportunities. The opponent's removal becomes meaningless in the face of instants, their creature base quickly crumbles, and so does all hope for a recovery. It can even bounce an opponent's Hullbreaker Horror while it's on the stack!

The deck utilizes The Celestus as a ramp option of sorts with additional utility in incidental life gain and looting. Unexpected Windfall is another ramp spell we've previously seen in the extra turn decks, and it works just as well here. There's no specific combination of cards to filter and ramp into, just the Horror plus interaction.

Speaking of which, we need to be super interactive in order to stay alive against the top aggro decks of the format. That's why we play a whole swath of removal in Divide by Zero, Fading Hope, Spikefield Hazard // Spikefield Cave, and many others. You may notice that most of them don't actually deal with a threat for good, but rather delay it, similar to what Hullbreaker Horror does. In fact, this is the ultimate tempo control deck, well able to deal with the same threat again and again until the end of time. And once we've cast all of our spells, Lier, Disciple of the Drowned gives each of them flashback so we can do it all over again.

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