Daily Deck Tech Vow: Chandra Red

Here's our vow: Every workday ahead of the set's release, Insight is taking a quick look at another deck featuring the new cards from Innistrad: Crimson Vow. Today we continue our search for Standard's best red aggro option. There still is a red hot addition to make, and she's dressed to kill!

chandra, dressed to kill

Every red mage nows that the way to an opponent's heart involves a strong curve and a lot of fire. This deck obviously has both. It has a strong creature base, able to chain Falkenrath Pit Fighter into Bloodthirsty Adversary or Thermo-Alchemist into Reckless Stormseeker // Storm-Charged Slasher, topping it all off with Moonveil Regent. That should kill them in no time, provided everything goes according to plan. If the opponent tries to present some creatures to block ours, we've got a slew of burn spells to kill them off—fifteen to be specific.

Despite being a burn-aggro deck, there is still a ton of sustainability and late-game capabilities. First, the Adversary can be multikicked and both become a powerful threat and bolt the opponent. In addition, our Dragon helps us draw through the deck to find more gas. Finally, Faceless Haven has been the monocolored decks' best friend ever since it was printed. Whether you're out of spells to cast or just want to take a turn off to plunge the world into night, there is always this reliable 4/3 attacker to get in there.

chandra, dressed to kill chandra, dressed to kill

Now Crimson Vow helps the game plan even more. This already consistent shell gets a three-mana planeswalker! Three-mana walkers have a pretty strong track record of proving highly relevant, and we expect nothing less from this one. On the contrary, the card should be a powerhouse. I am of course talking about Chandra, Dressed to Kill. She's sometimes compared to Chandra, Torch of Defiance, and I can see why.

The first ability adds mana and a little bit of damage. Being able to cast Chandra and, for example, Frost Bite on turn three looks amazing. The real star, however, is the second plus ability. It effectively makes you draw two cards a turn—minus the extra lands, that is. And because the whole deck is such a low-curve construction, you probably don't need lands anyway and will easily be able to keep deploying whatever spells you exile. The ultimate ability is just the cherry on top. The opponent should be dead by the time it becomes relevant. If they aren't, they'll probably die on the spot then.

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Alkoic(15.11.2021 01:23)

3 frost bite main + 2 in the sideboard. Something went wrong here.

TobiHenke(15.11.2021 10:23)

The card is just so good, everyone always wants to add more. (I'm sorry.)