Daily Deck Tech Vow: New Standard, New Blue-Black Control

Here's our vow: Every workday during preview season, Insight is taking a quick look at another deck featuring the latest cards from the upcoming Innistrad: Crimson Vow. Blue-Black Control was already a solid contender after Midnight Hunt. Now it gets even more tools to exploit.

overcharged amalgam

People have had success with blue-black shells in Standard before, utilizing a super strong previously hidden gem in Lier, Disciple of the Drowned. Unsurprisingly, being able to recast your whole graveyard is a powerful ability. This goes double for control decks that often have eight to ten lands in the late game. Another popular creature in those shells is Sedgemoor Witch, which acts as a pseudo-Monastery Mentor. With Crimson Vow coming soon, there are two further creatures I see slotting perfectly into the deck.

First, Overcharged Amalgam. This card is a flashy flying threat, which is everything a control deck could want. You never have to commit mana during your main phase, just wait for the most opportune moment. Plus—it's a counterspell on a stick. It makes perfect use of the Witch's Pest tokens as fodder to exploit.

overcharged amalgam concealing curtains concealing curtains

The second card I'd love to try out is Concealing Curtains // Revealing Eye. It's a super solid blocker, notably beginning on turn one. Later in the game when you topdeck it, you probably don't need an 0/4 Wall. And that's okay because there's a strong creature on the other side of these curtains. For just three mana it becomes a 3/4 menacing-instead-of-flying Vendilion Clique. Against aggro it's a great defender and against other control decks it's an additional threat.

There are also two cards I'd like to slot into the sideboard. The first is Hullbreaker Horror. I expect control decks to be on the rise and this is where this card will shine. You play it during the end step, it cannot be countered, and if you untap with it, it dominates the game. The second card is Wash Away. Worst case it's a Cancel, but it also counters foretold spells and spells cast from Expressive Iteration for just one mana. Both are a cornerstone of Blue-Red Turns, which makes this the perfect answer against the deck.

hullbreaker horror wash away

All in all, the deck gets a few role players and solid sideboard options. The power level goes up!

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TonyRik(10.11.2021 09:07)

Thanks .. This is The Type of Deck i'm looking For. Love Dimir Control and i'm absolutely in Love with The Amalgam and The Kraken.. I've ordered a Few in Full Art Days ago.
But with Lier i don't want to Play Saw it Coming, Jwari Disruption and Wash away Late Game .. I Put in Fading Hope and The Stitcher to have another Win Con. Don't know of its better but i try next Tournament.