Daily Deck Tech from Capenna: Ledger Delver

Every workday while the Streets of Capenna are new, Insight takes a quick look at another deck featuring the fresh cards! Pioneer's blue-red decks get streamlined more and more as time goes on. One tempo-oriented build got super lean now thanks to a full eleven cards from the new set. Enter Ledger Delver!

ledger shredder - iteration - cruise

Pioneer has a surprising number of really strong blue and red cards. Expressive Iteration naturally leads the pack as arguably one of, if not the, best spell printed in a Standard-legal set last year. However, there is fierce competition for the best spell in the deck as in Pioneer you can play with Treasure Cruise. It clearly establishes that the deck can easily go long and has proper card advantage. It's typically surrounded by interaction in the form of countermagic and removal. New Capenna has assisted the deck in expanding this repertoire: Strangle is a poor person's Lightning Bolt and Make Disappear makes a good enough impression of Mana Leak.

strangle make disappear

Once we've got all the interaction and card draw in place, we need something to actually close out games. The low end of the curve is represented by the one and only Delver of Secrets / Insectile Aberration. Almost half the deck is noncreature spells so we can hopefully flip it often enough. The two-drop slot is quite clogged actually, but it just means that we will always have a strong play on turn two; and all of them have the "run away with the game if unanswered" dynamic. Young Pyromancer, for example, generates a large number of minions, which can chump all day or pay the casualty cost of our counterspell—until the army amassed is so big that it can break through the opposing defenses.

Dreadhorde Arcanist is our Pioneer Snapcaster Mage. Against creature decks, we can go Strangle, Arcanist, Strangle. Against slower decks we can reuse our Consider and Opt to draw more cards—a truly versatile threat. To top it off we've got a Capenna birdy, Ledger Shredder, which is getting more and more popular in all the formats. It provides filtering, it has evasion, it grows, and it does all of it at the same time. Remember that on turn three you can play the Bird, immediately follow it up with a spell and get to connive. Furthermore, it triggers on the opponent's multi-spelling turn as well. In practice, it may mean that you get to connive every other or even every turn. Ditch removal against control, ditch counterspells against low-to-the-ground aggro, ditch Cruise against graveyard hate, and feed Cruise if there is none.

The deck is a real treat for all the tempo mages out there and a real threat for everyone else.

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Ddave182(09.05.2022 11:34)

How about running Phoenix in this deck as well? Since Ledger Shredder helps with the discard, and you already want to cast many spells per turn.

adi90(10.05.2022 11:52)

Ddave182 i dont think phoenix works here well cause Treasure Cruise makes your Yard empty and exile a phoenix is not what you want. Also there are so many Graveyard Hate but you can play it in explorer on Arena there is no treasure cruise so the Deck there is slightly different

Daodras(09.05.2022 11:32)

I wonder what card I could ideally use to helm a deck with this kind of aggro strategy as my Commander, but this article has me intrigued. Thanks for the insight! Great write!

Egoish(09.05.2022 12:50)

Daodras one of the new capenna convive commanders works well, you just need enough card draw alongside connive so it's actual selection and not just milling yourself. Both Raffine and Kamiz are pretty good for epser agro strategies from what i have played against so far, Kamiz is particularly explosive with a good hand.

Drennod(09.05.2022 13:05)

Probably one of the Izzet Niv-Mizzets (in a casual setting at least)
Rielle, the Everwise could be interesting since it effectively lets you draw an additional card off of Shredder each turn.
Jori En, Ruin Diver is a Ledger Shredder light in Commander form. (As is Kraum)
Keranos seems to have a nice synergy with Shredder as well.
Mizzix also works quite well in any RU spellslinger pile