Daily Deck Tech from Capenna: Modernizing Ob

Every workday while the Streets of Capenna are new, Insight takes a quick look at another deck featuring the fresh cards! After Standard and Pioneer, the latest incarnation of Ob Nixilis has now also found a place in Modern. And that's not the only thing new in this combolicious brew!

ob - skelemental

Ever since Lurrus of the Dream-Den got banned, midrange players have been trying to revitalize the black-red shells previously headlined by the Cat. You can go many ways within those colors. One of them is a sacrifice sub-theme. Goblin Bombardment has seen play here and there, but never truly shone so far. This deck runs a shocking triplet main and for a good reason—it includes a myriad of micro-interactions with the card.

It works great with Bloodghast, which can come back with each land drop—fetches count twice. In addition, you can sacrifice Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger in response to its own sac trigger. When you deploy your hasty three drop, Lightning Skelemental, you can use Bombardment to ping the opponent after it's done its damage, before its end-step trigger kicks in. And you can apmplify all that further with Mayhem Devil.

goblin bombardment unlucky witness

The Streets of New Capenna have also brought us an innocuous one-drop in Unlucky Witness to sacrifice. It's a sort/source of card advantage. You can chain one after another. The set's big headline act, however, is Ob Nixilis, the Adversary. He can clog up the ground with pinging Devils and slowly eat away at the opponent's life total. The ultimate is nothing to complain about, either killing the opponent or drawing yourself a full fresh hand. If you want to impress your opponent, attack with Skelemental, make them discard two, then play Ob, sacrifice the Skelemental to the casualty ability, and make two Obs—one of which with six counters straight off the bat.

Casting Skelemental plus Ob during the same turn costs quite a bit of mana, unfortunately. Fortunately, there's Unearth. It can target literally any creature in the deck and enables some nasty combos.

  • Unearth Kroxa for discard or potential damage.
  • Unearth Skelemental to punch through for 6, seemingly out of nowhere.
  • Unearth Seasoned Pyromancer for the card advantage.
  • Unearth Devil to get some pinging in, sometimes almost like Grapeshot for the win.

The rest of the creature base is just the crème de la crème of what black and red have to offer. Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer leads the way, as it always does. Seasoned Pyromancer is another beneficiary of the Lurrus ban. It helps you filter through some dead interaction or surplus copies of legends, or just draws two if your hand is empty already. Finally, quadruple Thoughtseize adds much-needed main-deck interaction on a wholly different axis.

The deck plays on the edge between combo and midrange. Make sure to count your Bombardment/Devil damage. You never know—the opponent might just be dead if you count correctly.

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Tuardian(05.05.2022 22:01)

I really like the versatility of your ideas.
There's something in the pool for everybody.
To go further ahead, is in everybodies own direction and ideas.
Your articles belong to the best here on MCM.
They are always worth a read.

Thank you for sharing trunks of ideas!