Daily Deck Tech from Capenna: Murktide Shredder

Every workday while the Streets of Capenna are new, Insight takes a quick look at another deck featuring the fresh cards! Ledger Shredder already took spots in various Pioneer and Modern builds. This time it claims the spotlight in a true tier one strategy of Modern: Blue-Red Murktide.

murktide shredder

Blue-Red Murktide has been tier one for almost as long as Modern Horizons 2 is legal. It's a hyperefficient, Legacy-esque deck with very few flex slots. Even former tryouts Spell Pierce and Archmage's Charm are considered stock now. This means that the deck has seen precious little innovation in a while. You'd have to cut something key from an otherwise tight build.

This is where New Capenna swoops in. The all-format all-star Ledger Shredder actually did manage to break through the mold. While one way to squeeze in a new card is to cut around the edges and trim some cards here and there, Magic Online player UmekawaneikU decided to cut Dragon's Rage Channeler completely! The more you think about it, the more it makes sense. Shredder can also fuel the graveyard and filter the draws. The upside of the Bird, however, is that it does not care about the graveyard. The deck does not like being Leyline of the Voided (or something similar) and with this new configuration that's much less of an issue. If that Leyline does happen, you can now connive away the uncastable Murktide Regents rotting in your hand.

Moreover, Shredder is excellent in a format where both players tend to multispell every turn—which is absolutely the case in Modern. In the mirror match, spells are slung left and right, and it quickly grows out of Lightning Bolt range. You yourself can also go turn two Bird and immediately cast Mishra's Bauble to make sure it is Bolt-proof there and then. Now with Fatal Push arguably at its lowest, Ledger will survive often enough to be able to provide that filtration and raw flying damage.

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