Daily Dominaria Deck Tech: Blue-Red Prowess … in Standard!


Every workday during the preview season for Dominaria United, Insight is taking a quick look at one deck featuring the latest cards from the upcoming set. Standard still includes Delver and Ledger Shredder, Consider and Slip Out the Back, and now an assortment of red goodies joins them!

blue-red prowess

Delver of Secrets / Insectile Aberration and Ledger Shredder have long proven to be Constructed-caliber creatures. One cannot claim the same for Electrostatic Infantry and Balmor, Battlemage Captain, but maybe we can add a "yet" to this statement. After all, when Standard is at its smallest, the benchmark cannot be at its highest. Neither is it common for the format to feature a playable tempo deck right after rotation.

All four creatures share their fondness for instant and sorceries, and they have plenty to work with. We retain Consider and Slip Out the Back from the previous year, as well as Play with Fire and Ancestral Anger on the red side. Meanwhile, Lightning Strike rejoins the Standard card pool after an extended leave of absence, last printed previously in Core Set 2019. In fact, there is so much material to work with here, I'd be impressed if nothing came of it. Likewise, I'd be impressed if the deck's final form didn't look markedly different from the list below.

This is where I'm starting at, but I could definitely see adding more Fading Hope or more burn, or Make Disappear or even Alchemist's Gambit. The creature suite too remains subject to change. Between the trample from Balmor and Anger, maybe it's finally time for Festival Crasher to shine?

In any case, the deck's aggressive nature should fit well into an environment where everybody's early land drops are either tapped or painful. Getting away with a low land count is another meaningful advantage in a world with no Zendikar Rising's spell/land hybrids and no Den of the Bugbear.

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