Daily Dominaria Deck Tech: Enigmatic Binding

Every workday during the preview season for Dominaria United, Insight is taking a quick look at one deck featuring the latest cards from the upcoming set. Pioneer's Enigmatic Incarnation strategy benefits in multiple ways from the addition of a six-mana removal that costs as little as one mana!

incarnation - binding

It's an enchantment deck centered around a Birthing Pod–like card in its namesake, Enigmatic Incarnation. Each end step it allows you to sacrifice an enchantment to search a creature that costs one mana more. This gives the deck flexibility in finding whatever threat or answer it needs at any particular moment. The range of tutor targets is huge, starting for example at Spirited Companion to draw a card, Eidolon of Rhetoric as a spellslinger hate card, or Renegade Rallier, which brings back the two-mana enchantment just sacrificed to the Incarnation.

It's a five-color deck that incorporates any and all cards suiting its plan. What enables its multicolored nature is threefold. First, there is Fires of Invention, which allows you to cast spells without paying their tough cost, and multispell them on top of that. It also uses a wide selection of shock lands and, more importantly, tricycles to fix its mana. Last but not least, there is spell-based fixing in Nylea's Presence, which replaces itself and gives a land every basic land type, and with that the ability to add mana of any color.

An excellent addition from Dominaria United fits the deck perfectly from a few angles—Leyline Binding. It's an instant-speed Oblivion Ring effect that in this deck can be played for quite cheap. Just a single tricycle reduces the price by three, at which point it's already playable. Other shock lands and tricycles further reduce the cost, potentially dropping it to a single white mana. Nylea's Presence's rules text specifically saying that a land is of every type rather than "produces mana of any color" is key as a land enchanted with it makes Binding cost one right away. As cherry on top, you can sacrifice the Binding to Incarnation to find Agent of Treachery—very nicely fitting that curve.

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Arajakas(12.09.2022 18:35)

Leyline isn't an instant Oblivion Ring because it targets only opponents permanents. Its more like an instant banishing Light :D

Tuvalu(01.09.2022 20:47)

No 4 Fable of the Mirrorbreaker is a big miss in that list. Eidolon of Blossom is not good enough, better play a 4. Omen of the Sea. Why Plaguecrafter?

buchmand(02.09.2022 12:53)(Edited: 02.09.2022 12:53)

Good question with fable. It is powerful, fixes, can be sacrificed in a pinch.
Eidolon of blossoms beeing both creature and enchantment allows to walk from 3 to 4 to 5 with the "pod". And i guess plaguecrafter is an interesting target when you need an edict effect against a single huge creature, maybe with hexproof or prohibitive ward.

Tuvalu(02.09.2022 20:40)

But there are no real hexproof/ward creatures, that see play in Pioneer. I think Knight of Autumn would be better in this place.

CH1LLY94(06.09.2022 02:24)(Edited: 06.09.2022 02:24)

The thing is, that while it's true there are not exactly many prohibitive creatures in the format, plaguecrafter does hit on walkers, specially against decks which quite literally only play them (UW and esper control come to mind). The more heavy walker based decks tend to be a hard MU for fires decks, a single teferi can outvalue enigmatic shenanigans quite successfully in a shell which has the highest card quality to begin with.

All in all, it's a good meta-dependant choice: if you're in a heavy control LGS/tournament meta, I believe crafter is a solid 1-of option.