Daily Dominaria Deck Tech: Visionary Pioneer Elves


Every workday during the preview season for Dominaria United, Insight is taking a quick look at one new deck featuring the latest cards from the upcoming set. It doesn't take a (real-world) visionary to see that Elves get a big boost. It only takes a (Leaf-Crowned) Visionary. This Druid sees to that.


Elves always get the best visionaries. First Elvish Visionary, then Llanowar Visionary, and now Leaf-Crowned Visionary. As another 1/1, it may not make much of a difference in environments full of Fury, but the card could become a player in Pioneer. For one thing, it's only the tribe's second lord below four mana that's legal in the format. Between Elvish Clancaller and Dwynen's Elite, each team boost counts for a lot of fighting power.

You won't go crazy combo with the drawing ability most of the time, but even a few extra cards win games. In particular, Leaf-Crowned Visionary allows you to deploy a reasonable force early and keep adding to it, even while expecting a Supreme Verdict that would ordinarily leave you empty handed. It also allows you to rebuild after a sweeper. Then, at times you'll get to experience some light combo action after all, in case you untap with Circle of Dreams Druid or Marwyn, the Nurturer.

Decks like Monogreen Devotion or Green-White Angels leave your creatures alone for the most part, at their own peril. Decks relying on blockers to stop Elves are in for a rude awakening too. Blockers don't stop Shaman of the Pack—a suitable finisher for a strategy that sometimes veers into combo turn territory.

Everything circles back to and is held together by Collected Company of course. It's a big reason why all the four-mana Elves were never up for serious discussion anyway, and another reason to be happy about Leaf-Crowned Visionary. It's doing the lord's work, and more, all at two mana. It imposes no deck-building constraints and adds a lot of value all around, and I'm eager to give Pioneer Elves another try. Here's where I'd start:

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helgaborg(05.09.2022 21:46)

Hm; I miss Steel Leaf Champion in your list…?

Goferr(29.08.2022 11:03)

I hope you mentioned Boseiju, Who Endures ;) the one from your list is from Champions of Kamigawa...

nematsno(29.08.2022 11:49)

It's intended to protect coco from counters, I assume.

Goferr(29.08.2022 11:55)

Sure, but still illegal in Pioneer

TobiHenke(29.08.2022 14:58)

Fixed now. Thanks, Goferr! You (evidently) know what I mean. :-)