Daily Dynasty Deck Tech: Pioneering Parhelion


Every workday while the set is new, Insight is taking a quick look at another deck featuring cards from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. We just got a bunch of futuristic Vehicles. But the best one to use the attendant synergies on is Parhelion II. How about an airstrike for 13 on turn three? Yes, we can!

greasefang - parhelion - anchor

Here is plan A: Cast Chart a Course and discard Parhelion II. Then on turn three, summon Greasefang, Okiba Boss, and use it to reanimate/hasten/crew the Vehicle right away. Fly in for 5+4+4=13 damage and enjoy the look of horror on your opponent's face, as they still face two 4/4 vigilant fliers, even after Parhelion returns to your hand.

greasefang, okiba boss tezzeret, betrayer of flesh

If necessary, you can discard the eight-drop again and again. Chart and Thirst for Knowledge take care of that. The new Tezzeret, Betrayer of Flesh does the trick as well, and he also earns his spot in the deck by virtue of his second ability. Because there is a plan B too, and that one requires you to animate Parhelion another way.

Though the big skyship does not need a big crew. Tezzeret can turn it into a creature regardless, as can Mech Hangar, but so can Hotshot Mechanic. Its main constraint is its mana cost, so here's another way to circumvent that: Anchor to Reality gets Parhelion into play for a mere four mana. Unlike the primary plan, this neither requires you to draw Parhelion nor does it care about any graveyard hate.

hotshot mechanic anchor to reality

Anchor what? The original list, reproduced below, stocks a total of fourteen cards able to crew/animate Parhelion but only nine cheap permanents to sacrifice to Anchor. Portable Hole is neat, because your opponent's two-drop likely won't matter anymore anyway once Parhelion shows up. Nonetheless I'm tempted at least to add a couple of Darksteel Citadel. Or maybe Blood Fountain to aid plan A and plan B at the same time?

In fact, the turn three move with Greasefang is so powerful, Faithful Mending may just be superior to Thirst for Knowledge, even here, despite the artifact theme and the color issues. After all, Pioneer knows neither Lightning Bolt nor Path to Exile, so a three-mana 4/3 can well live for a turn, especially if it is indeed turn three.

blood fountain faithful mending

Regardless of possible changes, the deck is a beauty to behold. Another testament to the increasingly common realization that Pioneer is one of the coolest formats around.

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DonRobo(17.02.2022 12:49)

The last Pioneer shop tournament I went to this exact deck already got 1st place. It's really powerful in the right hands

Landro(15.02.2022 12:06)

Thanks for sharing this deck. I tested it out in historic (only supreme verdict isn't available) and it worked quite well.