EMA EV Price Sheet

This collection of data is a good start if you are still unsure whether you want to buy displays or not.

One of our Insight users seems to have created a spreadsheet to estimate the expected value of an Eternal Masters display.

Thank you very much for sharing! This collection of data is a good start for everyone, who is still unsure whether they want to buy displays or not.

What makes it especially valuable in comparison to other similar listings is the fact that the sheet is in Euro and based on MKM prices.

While you could have collected that data yourself, starting with this expected value sheet can save you a lot of time. There are some potential pitfalls of using somebody else's data though, as some data points will always be open for debate. In this case that is especially true for the Foil prices, which still are very uncertain at this point. The author did a good job though in marking how he arrived at his Foil price expectations. Nonetheless, I would recommend to double check anything looking suspicious to you.

Besides the data there are multiple other things to consider as well:

  • Where will the prices be headed? Usually prices drop after release. We don't have a precedence to look at for such an Eternal Masters set yet, but I would not recommend buying displays at 260€ because they have an EV of 275€ before release, as the EV could be quite different next week. Create a second set of prices in a few days and compare it to this sheet, to see where the cards are headed.
  • The expected value is only the average value, and every display can vary a lot (upwards or downwards) from that average. You should be well aware that you are playing the lottery while buying just a few displays. With approximately 90€ of your expected display value coming from your 3 mythic rares on average, there is a large swing possible between opening the best three mythics

Karakas, Force of Will and Mana Crypt for a total of 251 €

or the three least valuable ones

Necropotence, Balance and Worldgorger Dragon for a grand total of 10 €.

Attention! These three might leave you (financially) impotent, unbalanced, and devoured (by debt).

  • The same is true for for your Foil booty, where Foil Daze, Brainstorm, Pyroblast, Sensei's Divining Top and Wasteland will be pushing your display over the top easily, while other Foils of the same rarities will be worth much less (some are only worth 2%). To a lesser extend this problem even persists for your rares.
  • To turn a good profit with Eternal Masters you need to be a retailer, getting the product much cheaper. As a player I would get some boxes to draft with my friends, and then invest into singles as they reach their bottom in a few weeks, instead of hoping to win the lottery by opening well.

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bloodball(2016-06-16 13:50)

had the worst box ever. wont break 50 or 60 euro from it. at least it is a nice box to draft, but man..
was not hoping/counting on openingn big or breaking even but this is quite dissapoiting. only got two mytics.
one of them was sphinx of the steel wind and the other mealstrom wanderer