EMA Missing pieces

Today we are looking at some of the cards that are notably absent from the Eternal Masters list

Today we are looking at some of the cards that are notably absent from the Eternal Masters list, although they would have been great candidates for reprints. Most of these cards have not spiked like crazy, which is worth noting, as it signifies an important difference between EMA and MM15. When the MM15 list was completely known, lots of buyouts started to happen. Virtually everything that wasn't reprinted was rising in price while everyone and their mother was rushing to secure the “suddenly more rare” parts of every remotely playable Modern deck.

Eternal Masters could not really have the same effect, as everybody was aware that the most expensive cards of nearly every deck could by definition not be reprinted. That meant we saw the reserved list cards spike already when EMA was announced, with the “other missing pieces” not seeing a lot of action after the set list was completely known.

You might still have held yourself back from purchasing some of these cards because of a potential reprint in EMA. Should you just get them now, or wait a little longer?

I believe the answer to be different for each card. Some of these may have not been in EMA because they will be part of another soon to be published product. Depending on which product they will most likely be in, you would have to wait for them between a few weeks and two years, which makes a world of difference. A reprint in a regular set would also affect the price differently than a reprint in From the Vault: Lore, Conspiracy: Take the Crown, Commander 2016, MM17, or EM18.

Most cards on the list are too expensive to be printed into Commander decks, or even From the Vault: Lore, because their current price alone is higher than the MSRP of these products.

If you really want to play any of these cards in a deck as soon as possible, then I would not wait any longer for most of them. The cards that will be reprinted in MM17 at the earliest will still have a year to rise, and they will only drop back down to where they are right now – meaning that buying them now nets you a year of playing them “for free”.

Cavern of Souls – buy if it is not in Eldritch Moon (July 22)

Eldrazi recently added yet another tribe interested in this land. It was printed in the first Innistrad block, and Innistrad is about various tribes, so it would make the most sense to reprint it in EMN if anywhere. This is an instant buy if it isn't there.

Dark Depths - buy if it is not in From the Vault: Lore (August 19)

It may be too expensive for becoming a From the Vault: Lore card already, but it could be fit in with a bunch of cheaper cards. Lore is announced to contain a token card – and what should that be if not a Marit Lage token?

Glimpse of Nature – buy if it is not in Commander 2016 (November 11)

This card is cheap enough to be reprinted in a Commander deck, it might be too hard to fit into a 4-colour deck though (which all the decks will be this time around).

Æther Vial – buy if it is not in Conspiracy: Take the Crown (August 26)

Crucible of Worlds – buy if it is not in Conspiracy: Take the Crown (August 26)

Flusterstorm – buy if it is not in Conspiracy: Take the Crown (August 26)

All of these are already too expensive for Commander decks. If they don't show up in Conspiracy, you would have to wait for the next MM or EM set respectively.

Damnation – next stop MM17

You are supposed to win on turn four, not spoil your opponent's fun. Nothing to see here - move along!

Rishadan Port – next stop EM18

Show and Tell – next stop EM18

Imperial Recruiter – next stop EM18 or never

Not reprinting this card in EMA was Wizards' biggest mistake of the set, as it is one of the most rare cards, denying lots of players the chance to enjoy playing it in various tier two decks. The price will only get worse and in two years it may be so high that they won't even dare to reprint it at mythic anymore. Too bad.

Let us know in the comments, which cards you were erroneously hoping for in EMA, and when you will finally dare to buy them.


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Varonos1988(2016-06-20 19:24)

Rishadan Port has been recently reprinted a judge promo reward, and that's why it is not included in EMA. These promos work like money and judges should be able to sell them in a respectable price befere they get reprinted or given away again in GPs or conferences. Force of will is a great example of that. Mana drain is for sure the next blue mythic in EMA2018 and ravages of war one of the white mythics. If you look carefully no cards from Portal edition have been reprinted (Natural Order is originally a vision card). I believe that they don't want to come in conflict with collectors who have spent thousands of dollars/euros etc in Portal 3K cards.
On the other hand snapcaster mage and liliana of the veil have been recently given as RPTQ Promos and there is no need for a further reprint. In addition they fit better in MM2017 instead of EMA, as they are mainly playable in Modern and not in Legacy, Vintage or Commadner.
Last but not least fetchlands will be reprinted in format withouat fetchable duallands. Last year we had a really bad format because of this issue. Shadows over Innistrad has to be rotated out before this happens :)

Superpsyko(2016-06-04 07:29)

I was waiting for Rishadan Port. Especially on MODO where it's more expensive than Black Lotus itself !
Maybe I'll finally buy in paper as it's the only staple I miss for my Goblins deck. But you know, Goblin is something like tier 20 deck, so it still hurts.

Seingalt(2016-06-03 23:29)

Recruiter could very well be in FTV : lore or any FTV for that matter.
Wotc has made the inclusion of a P3K card in FTV sets quite frequent and it is a selling piece for those sets.
The 3 big cards they still have to reprint in that portal scope are grim tutor, imperial seal and imperial recruiter.
I expect one of the 3 to be there this summer. Imperial recruiter being missing from the EMA set it is the most likely candidate for this summer. Don't forget that FTV sets used to have at least ONE card that was costing close to the msrp (before the spoilers).

Strangely, you don't talk in detail about THE card missing most in EMA in my opinion : rishadan port. It was necessary for the modo market and metagame and it's reprint in a non digital set would make no sense except giving the modo players the finger.

Also, the cards "next stop EM18" have also a chance to be the "big card" for FTV : 2017...

All your picks are tasty invesments.

But what are your thoughts about 4(9 if you count each card of the cycle independently) big missing pieces ?
• snapcaster mage (buy after Eldricht moon then MM17)
• liliana of the veil (same)
• tarmogoyf (MM17)
• zen fetches (fall set 2016 + spring 2017 big set)
I know they are great candidates for MM17 as they are in the MM scope, but the first two could also be in eldricht moon are the fetches are an evergreen way to sell boxes. I actually think they could have been in the EMA set just as legitimately as heritage druid or sphinx of the still wind. Do you agree on the reprint window ?

Another one is counterbalance. I would look into it after the conspiracy spoilers.