Enchantress Action: New Modern, Improved Legacy

Sterling Grove, Solitary Confinement, and Enchantress's Presence are the names of three pillars of Legacy Enchantress. Now they are coming to Modern along with two great newcomers: Sythis, Hand of Harvest and Sanctum Weaver. Is this enough to establish the archetype in the format?

sterling grove

Some Modern decks become more and more like their Legacy counterparts. For example, with Modern Horizons 2 bringing Sanctum Prelate to the format, Wasteland, Karakas, and Rishadan Port are the main differences left between Modern and Legacy Death and Taxes. Now we see a fringe, but beloved Legacy archetype sneaking into Modern territory: Enchantress. Let's explore the differences between the two formats' Enchantress material and look at the future of the strategy in both.

Many good Magic decks are fueled by card draw and mana acceleration. Legacy Enchantress is no exception. The card draw engine consists of Argothian Enchantress and Enchantress's Presence. One of them, Enchantress's Presence, is now part of the Modern card pool. The potent mana production of Legacy Enchantress is supplied by the legendary Serra's Sanctum.

The Newcomers

Wizards decided to print great individual replacements for Argothian Enchantress and the Sanctum: Sythis, Harvest's Hand and Sanctum Weaver.

sythis sanctum weaver

These cards might not be as powerful as the originals, but they come with significant advantages, which can even elevate Legacy Enchantress as singletons. Sythis for example has one more point of toughness than Argothian Enchantress. This can be relevant against effects like Plague Engineer to which its Legacy counterpart dies. While Sythis is shroudless and therefore not bolt-proof, it does not die to Gut Shot or a single Lava Dart at least. Aside from this, being legendary is the biggest downside of Sythis. The biggest advantage is the fact that it gives 1 life per enchantment. This will be important against fast aggro decks like U/R or R/W Prowess. Plus, its an enchantment itself, triggering Enchantress's Presence and counting for Sanctum Weaver.

Sanctum Weaver—the name already reveals it—is Serra's Sanctum on a stick. I personally like the idea to get a functional reprint of an effect on a different card type. We saw this in the original Modern Horizons with Collector Ouphe and Plague Engineer mimicking Null Rod and Engineered Plague for example. The Weaver's main advantage over its counterpart is that it can produce any color of mana. This gives the archetype much more room for potential brewing in the future. This one isn't legendary, so multiples stack wonderfully, and being another enchantment and therefore potential card draw does not hurt either.

Modern Enchantress

The part I always liked the most about Enchantress decks is having multiple ways of winning the game. We can cast a game-ending Emrakul, the Aeons Torn because Sanctum Weaver produces tons of mana including an infinite mana combo with Freed from the Real. We can lock the opponent nearly completely out via Solitary Confinement. And remember Heliod, Sun-Crowned? It is an enchantment too. The +1/+1 counter effect of it can make our little enchantment/creatures a threat together with the life gain from Sythis. I added a Walking Ballista as another win option with Heliod.

All of our enchantments are protected by Sterling Grove by the way. Destiny Spinner from Theros Beyond Death gives us an additional threat on the board and an Allosaurus Shepherd-like effect against countermagic. Hall of Heliod's Generosity can get back key enchantments if we lost or sacrificed them. The deck offers a lot. It has very efficient card draw engine, mana, tutoring, protection, and combo kills.

Legacy Enchantress

The biggest differences besides Argothian Enchantress and Serra's Sanctum is probably Wild Growth. Having a second one-mana acceleration Aura is significantly better. Other than than that the decks are quite comparable. I like to play my Legacy Enchantress deck with a Living Plane and Doomwake Giant to take away the lands of my opponent. I added Sythis, Harvest's Hand and Sanctum Weaver as singleton copies.


The Modern Enchantress deck will certainly be powerful. It has all the tools a deck should have. The biggest question remains if the deck is fast enough for the Modern meta. Do you think it can compete in Modern despite all the other new powerful cards entering the format with Modern Horizons 2? What's your opinion on funtional reprints like Sanctum Weaver? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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LeoLuchs(10.06.2021 16:19)

Hi Christian,

Thank you for the article! I'm happy that i'm not the only one excited about Enchantress in Modern :)

Back in the day i played Enchantress in Legacy before switching to Modern. I actually brewed up a list for Modern right after the reprints were spoiled and i'm quite sure some of my cardchoices are right. For example i think it would we wise to splash red for Blood Moon. Still blue is nice especially because of Seal of Removal i'd say. Also i'm pretty low on Sanctum Weaver because its so vulnerable and slow. If you would like to discuss about lists and cardchoices feel free to PM me. I will definitely play the deck at my LGS and i'll tune it to its maximum!

ctobehn(11.06.2021 08:10)

LeoLuchs Thank you! I thought about Blood Moon too. Splashing red would make Forgeborn Oreads an option. It's a neat card I think. There is much room to brew. Every colour is possible with Utopia Sprawl, Fertile Ground and Sanctum Weaver. Can you show your list? Let me know how you did in your LGS!

TheTyger(08.06.2021 10:01)

I think modern enchantress can fill a space between classic prison builds and more durdly combos.
It will for sure be a viable option in the vast field of modern decks, if only for its potential to steal wins through weird enchantments. Wether it can do more than that, remains to be seen.

Great article.

ctobehn(08.06.2021 14:00)

TheTyger Thanks! I agree. It's a wild mongrel with a lot of room to brew. We'll see. It's a playable, fringe achetype at least. I hope it gets some love.

Henkka(08.06.2021 07:13)

Both of these deck lists look kinda meh, to be honest. I doubt strictly GW is the way to go and mr. Doom isn't worth it to splash black.

ctobehn(08.06.2021 07:20)(Edited: 08.06.2021 13:57)

Henkka Thank you! Modern Enchantress list is blue as well. Legacy Enchantress plays black for Leyline of the Void too.

Mr. Doom is awesome btw.. He is a walking Toxic Deluge on a stick without paying life. Once he is on the battlefield, it is easy to get 4-6 enchantments on the field. Per turn! You get rid of True Name and other problematic stuff.

neuralnet(09.06.2021 20:37)

Hi Henkka, I can confirm mr doom is the boss, elves, gobos, merfolk and assorted nasties quickly die off :)

ctobehn(11.06.2021 08:15)

Neuralnet Even Thought Knot and Reality Smasher are not safe