Eternal Masters Day3 Previews

Get ready to be bombarded with more nostalgia!

The hits just keep on coming! Remember that Masters sets are completely revealed over the course of a single week, instead of over two weeks like regular sets. So get ready to be bombarded with more nostalgia!

Dack Fayden and Karakas add a lot to the average Mythic value of the set, but will also lower the currently absurd value of foil Dack Fayden in the near future. While Balance may be failure value-wise, it was one of the most influential (if not the best) cards back in the day, making it a cool fit for the set. The same is true for Vampiric Tutor, which will be highly desired as a (Japanese) foil despite the unimpressive new artwork.

Ichorid and Regal Force are nice old rares as well, while Baleful Strix and Sensei's Divining Top might become even more expensive in the long run due to being upgraded from uncommon to rare in Eternal Masters as well.

On the other hand Animate Dead, Gaea's Blessing, Wirewood Symbiote and Cabal Therapy prove that there will be good cards at the lower rarities – the absence of which was a big problem for MM2.

With some cards having “adjacent” collector numbers already, you can start to completely exclude some cards from the list of potential reprints. For example:

There will be no Counterbalance in the set, because there is no space remaining between Control Magic (42) and Counterspell (43).

This Counterspell should make for a nice looking foil. Get your copies fast!

There will also be no enemy colour fetchlands, as Marsh Flats doesn't fit in between Karakas (240) and Maze of Ith (241).

Given the previews Elves will obviously be one of the draft archetypes (the green-black one). The mother-ship also mentions green-white enchantments, blue-black reanimator, green-blue threshold and red-green aggro. Maybe this knowledge can help predict some other cards?

In general, players and vendors seem to really like the spoilers so far and the pre-sale prices of boxes offered on MKM have spiked. I am not surprised by that outcome after seeing a massively better selection of cards than I was expecting after the comparably underwhelming MM2.

As you can see at our MKM Series events the Legacy format is alive and well in Europe and this high quality set might bring more new players to Legacy than expected, which in turn would keep the prices for cards stable instead of temporarily crashing them. Without the Modern Pro Tour, and with EMA helping out Legacy, maybe the player bases of these two formats will become more similar in size?

Brace yourself, Modern - Legacy is coming!

Share your thoughts on the surprisingly powerful and valuable EMA in the comments.


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