Eternal Masters Previews

Eternal Masters - Embrace your favourite new old cards!

Eternal Masters previews started yesterday! While it is still too early to analyse the average set value and its effect on display prices, here are my surprisingly positive initial thoughts:

Powerful and flavourful cards

As a player who started playing Magic 22 years ago, I can confirm that the design team made lots of great choices for Eternal Masters. I have fond memories of playing with or against all those cards at one point in time (at least).

Legacy and Vintage playable

Given the initial announcement, we couldn't be sure which player base Eternal Masters would be catering to the most. Would it contain lots of Commander staples, or rather lots of Vintage and Legacy cards?

The spoiled cards so far are very firmly in the Legacy/Vintage camp. While many of them might see play in Commander as well, they aren't primarily Commander cards. Nearly all of them are currently seeing play in Legacy/Vintage or were part of a very iconic deck in those formats in the past. Control Magic could be considered the exception to the rule here, but my guess would be that it entered the design file as an uncommon (which it actually was back in the day) before getting upgraded to rare, because blue Mages don't get to have so much fun in Limited anymore – not even in Eternal Masters.

Banned in Modern

As I said over and over again, Eternal Masters is the best set to reprint cards from the Modern era that are banned in the Modern format. Unsurprisingly, Wizards realized that as well, giving us a whopping four banned cards already in the first two “preview days": Bloodbraid Elf, Chrome Mox, Deathrite Shaman, and Jace, the Mind Sculptor will probably be joined by some more of their Modern banned list friends.

Comet Storm incoming

Rarities in EMA were not determined by the secondary market price, but by Limited environment considerations.

Worldgorger Dragon and Gamble could easily have switched rarities to prevent the “good old“ Comet Storm feeling this time around. Back in the day Black Lotus and Ancestral Recall were just as rare as Lifelace and Farmstead, so it makes sense to continue this tradition of opening unexciting Mythics in EMA, right? Right?

Reprint prices are higher than originals

So far not many prices have started to drop (Toxic Deluge being the unsurprising exception) and at the moment many reprints are priced higher than the originals. This relation is going to swap in the near future, as the originals (in good conditions) should be more desirable, unless the new art is clearly much more beautiful.

Where are the EMA cards?

Shortly after getting previewed the EMA cards will be listed here and shown on our "Recently added products" table.

Let us know your initial thoughts in the comments! Has your attitude towards Eternal Masters changed after seeing these cards? How many boxes did you preorder?


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Seingalt(24.05.2016 17:25)

Gamble would feel good at mythic, but I expect animate dead and/or dance of the dead as uncomon(s) in the set, and a rare Worldgorger dragon would have meant an oppressive reanimator draft archetype : plenty of extremely powerfull tutors to support it. Reanimator will probably already be great in that format unless the dev team included enough maindeckable hosers, namely scavenging ooze and relic of progenitus.

DeKartonnenKwaak(24.05.2016 17:04)

I think most prices are dropping because of ''panicked'' selling. In reaction to spoilers and afraid to lose value people want to sell now ''to get out''
I think besides the commander reprints the decline of prizes will be temporarily. I think they will recover in time. Magic is still growing it is a limited set. I don't think you should sell quite lower right now (with the exception of toxic deluxe i guess) just wait long enough and the price will rise again.

CounterTop(24.05.2016 15:53)

My initial reaction is that rares should drop significantly faster than mythic freq, so any good value taken from the reprinted cards is a nice value to stick on. Same with the ema boxes, I guess the trick is not to be greedy with the expected value of the set.