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Show us your creativity and your mad skills in Prague!

Pro Tour and MKMS Prague

Hours of Devastation has been in the hands of the players a little longer now, but has this led to more new (and successful) decks, yet? Next weekend the Pro Tour might reveal some Standard tech in Japan, while European players will flock to Prague to play all the formats at the MKM Series. I will be in Prague, working on the technical aspects of our coverage website, but I will also try to produce some player interviews and other video content for your viewing pleasure. Come and talk to me about your favorite new cards, decks, and investment targets!

The MKM Series has always been embracing all the Constructed formats, and I am happy to see Wizards coming back to supporting Modern and Legacy at the highest levels as well. With Modern and Legacy becoming relevant for the Pro Tour in 2018, it makes even more sense to play all of our MKMS events to improve your skills in large tournaments with international attendance. Prague is always worth the trip anyway, so don't miss out!

Setting the (Thespian) Stage

The SCG event in Atlanta last weekend was potentially setting the scene by defining the current metagames. Despite featuring Standard, Modern, and Legacy not only in the Team Open, but also in three separate Classic events, there wasn't all that much innovation to be found. Lands decks were popular in Legacy, but all of them were traditional builds, not experimental ones motivated by the release of Solemnity. In Modern the most successful evolution was a de-evolution of the Death's Shadow deck, turning it back into a Zoo deck with lots of 1-drop creatures and implementing the old Domain cards Might of Alara and Tribal Flames.

Setting the Standard

At least in the Standard Classic a completely new deck made it into the Top8 though. That deck aims to get God-Pharaoh's Gift into play early with Refurbish or Gate to the Afterlife. It spends the early game by filling the graveyard and casting cheap creatures with great comes into play triggers. Once those creatures are “brought back“ by God-Pharaoh's Gift they are really efficient as 4/4 haste creatures which provide that trigger once more.

Cataclysmic Gearhulk is great to reset an opposing board which grew out of control while you were busy setting up your Gift. Mausoleum Wanderer's ability is really good on a 4/4 flier, and 4/4 Thraben Inspector, Minister of Inquiries, and Champion of Wits keep the cards flowing (to the graveyard). Angel of Invention can help you go wide with tokens, but it can also hit your opponent as a 6/6 flying, haste, vigilance, lifelink creature from the yard.

I really like the deck concept and the fact that it only loses two one drops (and two dual lands) on rotation. Due to the open-ended nature of the concept there is a lot of future potential left in the archetype. Therefore I would definitely pick up Cataclysmic Gearhulk, Angel of Invention and God-Pharaoh's Gift in case you care for Standard at all.

With Champion of Wits showing up as an important enabler in yet another deck, this card remains on my buy recommendations list as well because it will keep rising in price. If you bought in early, keep sitting on your copies for a while.

I hope to see you in Prague!


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